How video conferencing benefits healthcare industry?


During the last few years, healthcare industry has achieved great milestones and advancing further with ever evolving technology. It has become extremely important for the industry and those associated to healthcare getting acquainted with the latest trends and developments so as to be more accurate and efficient in their approach.

The need for online applications in terms of efficiency and engagement is growing day by day. Besides just treating the patients, doctors need maintaining a follow up of patients concerning recoveries and ensure constant communication. This isn’t possible if patient is in critical condition and unable to visit the hospital or any healthcare facility.

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This is when telemedicine steps in to offer patients the convenience of video call doctor app through which imminent care and diagnosis is being performed. If healthcare industry as a whole starts adapting to such software and revolutionising technologies, it ensures constant consultation, doctor-patient engagement and convenient follow-ups irrespective of geographical distances.

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The use of video conferencing in healthcare is highly appreciated due to many benefits for doctors, medical staff, patients and institutions. There’re many different ways healthcare facilities of all sizes are exploiting the technology and it’s the responsibility of Value-Added Reseller (VAR) to demonstrate the pros of a video call doctor app and conferencing. Keep reading to know more!

Cost reduction

The rise of video conferencing comes with two of the biggest benefits; saving valuable time and cost of visiting the facility. As a result, more and more patients, especially those living in remote areas can receive quality medical care service that weren’t possible or available previously.

Doctors reduces the cost as well by occupying fewer observation rooms which keeps them from moving from one room to another as well as condense use of critical medical supplies. Medical professionals also leverage the cost associated to travel, trainings, consultations and conventions.

Through a typical video conferencing tool, doctors can ensure their presence anywhere while working with patients, support staff and lab facility thereby saving time and money. All this helps is reducing cost to a certain extent!

Remote support

Patients who’re immobilised, in critical condition that wouldn’t allow them to leave the home or perhaps living in a remote area can utilise video conferencing for consulting with their doctors or medical specialists as needed. Doctors on the contrary can offer versatile services from primary consultation to follow-ups in order to monitor patient’s recovery and much more.

Improved communications

A video call doctor app can be used to connect with professionals thereby enhancing communication and collaboration capabilities. Certification training sessions are also conducted in a single session across multiple facilities thus, reducing time and cost of travel.

Doctors can collaborate with industry experts from hospital facilities to enhance learning and improve customer care. Learning seminars for new employees can be conducted with everyone almost immediately so as to keep aligned with hospital policy, insurance billing and scheduling.

Better patient care

As medical professionals have immediate access to patients via video conferencing, they’re able to offer timely services in rather a personalised way. For instance, recommend tests, monitor results, view images, consult with other doctors on the panel and much more. Delivery and quality of treatment can be improved as well as doctors are able to communicate directly with staff administration.

Competitive edge

Experts in the medical industry using video call doctor app are quick in learning, accessing and sharing their expertise more conveniently whereas develop a healthy relationship in a more rewarding way. The entire facility benefits from this that eventually improves overall reputation and competitive edge.

Both patients and professionals at healthcare facility gain a lot from video conferencing whereas the tool serves patients and doctors in reducing costs. Doctors can advance their careers via training sessions and certifications carried through video conferencing software.

A fresh batch of young doctors can exploit the technology to serve the industry in a highly professional manner while keeping themselves updated with the latest trends and technology development.


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