Back pains are mostly the result of lifting heavy objects which causes muscle strains. They should never be taken lightly as ignoring them can damages the tissues beyond repair. Lower back pain has always been a common complaint among people, especially athletes. Back pains can be the result of poor posture, strain from lifting something in a wrong way or an injury resulted due to a fall or stress from exercise. Massage can help in loosening the tight muscles and realigning tight and strained muscles. Stretching and deep muscle massages are also the effective treatment for back pains. One of them is deep tissue massage.

What is deep tissue massage and how it works?

This massage involves manipulation of deep layers of tissue in the body; fascia and other supportive tissue that makes up the muscle and joints are massaged slowly and firmly to give relief from pain.

A person getting deep tissue massage usually lay on the stomach, and deep pressure is applied to the targeted areas muscles by trained therapists. The massage stimulates the blood flow in the muscles and relieves muscle tension. Along with this, it lowers the psychological stress and release happy hormones like serotonin and oxytocin making us relax.

These massages focus normally on major muscle groups such as neck or lower back along with tendons and joints that are prone to strains and injuries. It also focuses on parts like shoulders and neck, which are prone to injuries. One should use good massage tables for such therapies, as even surface is required. If someone is a trained masseuse, then they can buy Portable Massage tables for sale, which would be affordable.

Benefits of deep tissue massages

  1. Treats chronic pains: Deep tissue massages are considered best for treating chronic pains. Studies found that oblique pressure and a combination of cross fiber strokes helps in stimulating the blood flow, which proved beneficial in treating back pains. The sessions were thirty minutes long and were performed daily; the persons undergoing these sessions showed improvements in back pain. This treatment is considered most effective on reducing pain in patients with chronic symptoms massages.


  1. Lowers high blood pressure: Deep tissue massage is effective on systolic, diastolic and mean arterial blood pressure readings in adults suffering from pain and high blood pressure. The massage focuses on the deep tissue and relaxes it in a way that the blood flow increases and the pressures are decreased to the normal level. This helps in controlling the heart rate in people who have high heart rates.


  1. Helps in reducing stress, anxiety and muscle tension: Chronic stress and muscle tension are caused by inflammation, which can worsens the health condition and recovery time for these can be long. Immune system is affected and cardiovascular problems arise. Deep tissue massage therapies can help lower the cortisol levels and boost the production of hormones that soothes the body. These hormones are known as oxytocin and is primary responsible for cooperative behaviors in humans. Massage also improves relaxation by boosting the nervous system.


  1. Decreases the scar tissue: These massages helps in recovering the scar tissue from injuries; it reduces the inflammation and muscle spasms by stimulation in blood flow and loosens the muscles to allow more oxygen, helping to reduce the stress of nervous system. The toxins accumulated around damaged tissue increases swelling and pain. Massages give relief from these toxins and reducing the inflammation.


  1. Beneficial for athletes: The best massage considered for athletes is sports massage, which is performed before events to warm their body so that the injuries can be provided. However, deep tissue massage is considered beneficial for athletes, which can improve lactate clearance, muscle fatigue, injury prevention and injury treatment.


These massages should be performed on a person only by professional therapists and not some random person because of the techniques it involves. One should have all the equipments required for a perfect massage, like table, towels and essential oils. If one is planning to open a massage parlor at home, then one can buy equipments from market where they can get Massage Tables for sale.

Massage is not only beneficial in relieving tensions and stress from muscles but also helpful in various other activities. They can help in giving relief with the labor pain and delivery; research says that they can also reduce the common symptoms of arthritis.

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