Bleeding is easy to detect and therefore, you can take intervention on time. Nevertheless, there is one type of bleeding that is difficult to see without special examination and its consequences are severe.

Today we will dig deeper into internal bleeding – a life-threating health problem that anyone of us must be aware of.

What is Internal Bleeding and What Causes It?

Internal bleeding is a general term used to help us refer to bleeding that happens inside our body. However, the medical community will have a variety of terms to call this problem, depending on the location of the bleeding.

Organs, tissues or even cavities might be the possible place at which bleeding can happen without your recognition. Even several hours after the injury, you still do not realize anything wrong.

In many circumstances, symptoms rarely happen until your body loses a significant amount of blood.

As a matter of fact, the causes of internal bleeding are diverse. You might suffer from this problem after some very serious injuries. At first, it seems that your body does not have any problem, but over time, internal bleeding results in catastrophic issues.

Besides, people who undergo other health issues are more likely to have internal bleeding than ordinary ones.

As mentioned above, it is challenging for non-professional people to detect internal bleeding on their own. Some of the most common symptoms are weakness, numbness or dizziness. But they do not always show up in every case.

Internal bleeding is serious and worth your worry. Thus, you must contact with doctors if having any inquiries related to this problem. On the other hand, some natural home remedies can help you reduce some discomforts from internal bleeding.

Home Remedies for Internal Bleeding

  1.     Aloe Vera

Facing many doubts for years, aloe Vera has proved to be helpful for the treatment of internal bleeding. This is a traditional home remedy that people have widely made use of for centuries to cope with skin problems. It has many essential nutrients for the healing of our tissue.

More importantly, you have to count on its anti-inflammatory nature that is known to soothe your intestine very well.

In order to make aloe Vera most effective for internal bleeding, drink its fresh juice a few times every day. Remember to use it before you have meals. This is the best way to help its nutrients take effects in your body.

  1.     Birthroot

Internal bleeding caused many deaths in the past as people had no idea of what happened. But there were cases in which patients survived because of herbal treatment. And birthroot is one of some valuable herbs that you can take advantage of to reduce internal bleeding.

When analyzing its nutritional value, scientists found out the presence of tannins and saponins. They possess anti-inflammatory and anti-hemorrhagic qualities to save people with internal bleeding due to menstruation or bowel issues.

But sadly, birthroot is claimed to be unreliable for pregnant women. In other words, they may encounter dangers when trying using this herb for treating internal bleeding. The consultation from doctor is always appreciated in every case.

  1.     Yarrow

When you are struggling with staunching wounds, yarrow is believed to be one of the most effective herbal treatments for you. Now you can rely on yarrow for the internal bleeding treatment since scientists have confirmed that it is good for profuse menstruation or uterine hemorrhage.

Yarrow itself is an excellent source of nutrients that fight well against inflammation. They are tannins, flavonoids and volatile oils. So, if you are diagnosed to have internal bleeding in your lungs or bladders, yarrow seems to be the most appropriate option.

The only flip side of yarrow is to cause allergies in many people. It is important to bear in mind that yarrow belongs to the Aster family, so if you know your body cannot tolerate this herbal family, do not go for it. Otherwise, the situation will only get worse and worse.

  1.     Elemental Diet

Last but not least, the regular use of pre-digested as well as liquid foods is highly appreciated for those who are undergoing internal bleeding. This type of diet serves as steroids that stimulate the remission.

Any type of inflammation can be treated well if you follow this elemental diet. Besides, elemental diet usually includes the use of probiotics which have positive impacts on the healing process of gastrointestinal tract.

The main function of elemental diet is to provide your body with healthy bacteria. They maintain the balance between good and bad bacteria. As a result, your body stays away from inflammation and health problems.

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