Top Natural Treatments for Black Eyes ( Info-graphic )


There is a fact that your face is always considered as your best friend, it can say lots of things about your health and life. Anything happens to your face could make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. So you should take good care of your face on a daily basis.

What are Black Eyes?

Black eyes are the term to indicate the swollen and discolored skin area around the eyes. Afterward, it will result in the bruise as well as the blackening on your face. One of the most common reasons for black eyes is powerful impact on the face like a hit or a punch in it. Apart from the swelling condition near your eyes, you can have the pain, headache or even not see clearly for a couple of days. In the beginning, the skin around your eyes have black or purple color and then they gradually become yellow after a period of time. The yellow and faded color of your skin area will stick around until black eyes heal on its own completely.

What Causes Black Eyes?

As mentioned above, the most regular causes of black eyes is a hit in the face that damages some vessels around your eyes. When those vessels are broken, blood and other fluids will run in the nearby tissues and leave a dark paste under your skin. It looks dark and black in color, so this condition called black eye. In fact, with the mild case, black eyes only last for a few days. However, the severe one can last for more than a week. There are also other factors which can lead to this problem as well, for example, some surgeries associated with nose, jaw, eye or allergic phenomena.

What are the Symptoms of Black Eyes?

In this regards, the symptoms of black eyes are really clear and awful appearances. If you are prone to catch some of the following conditions, you need to deal with black eyes as soon as possible.

  • Firstly, discolored skin around your eye
  • Blood and other fluids appear under the skin
  • Along with those two above symptoms, black eyes can include the feeling of sore, swelling and unclear vision
  • Other serious symptoms such as the vomiting, dizzy, tired conditions. In this case, you had better go to the doctor for proper diagnosis.

The following is top natural treatments for black eyes that are money-saving and easy to apply right at your home. Obviously, those wonderful tips will help you deal with black eyes immediately and improve the skin as well as eye health.

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1. Metal Spoon

The simplest treatment for black eyes is to use a metal spoon. It will help you get rid of black eyes from the beginning. You only need to put this spoon in a fridge and wait for half an hour. Then take it out and place gently on the affected area, the cold temperature will do its job. In detail, cold temperature has ability to stop the bleeding and ease the pain. Otherwise, the blackening area around your eyes could be reduced as well.

2. Tea Bag

It is recommended that you should place a used tea bag on your discolored skin to deal with black eyes. The warm condition of tea bag is able to soothe the inflammation and promote the blood flow. On the other hand, antioxidants in tea accelerates the recovery process and restores bright color of your skin.

How to apply

  • Make a cup of tea with tea bag
  • Get this tea bag and place it in the fridge about half an hour
  • Apply it on your affected area
  • Repeat this home remedy daily until the black eyes go away.

3. Olive Oil

Using olive oil is a natural treatments for black eyes that you need to try. Olive oil is popular for its soothing ability, so it can relieve the pain and swelling. In addition, you should combine this essential oil with massaging, by doing that you can simulate the blood circulation and healing process.

How to apply

  • Apply some olive oil on the blackening area
  • Massage it with natural oil slowly and keep doing that for 15 minutes
  • Then relax your eyes as well as whole body on a sofa
  • Clean it off with fresh water after 30 minutes.

4. Egg Whites

Another effective treatment for black eyes is egg whites because it contains a great deal of vitamin B2. As you might know, Vitamin B2 has positive effects on blood flow and skin health. So this home remedy will not let you down on fighting against those symptoms of black eyes. The usage of this tip is to separate the whites from the yolks, you take two amounts of whites and stir them up. Afterwards, get a cotton swab in order to apply the mixture on your black eye, wait it to dry and wash your face.

5. Orange

One of the healthiest fruits in the world is orange, indeed, it provides you a lot of vitamins and minerals. Thanks to the huge amount of vitamin C, orange aids you in boosting the immune system and fighting against the inflammation, swelling. It is advised that you had better drink a glass of fresh orange juice every day to treat the black eyes. Keep following this home remedy until there is great improvement.

Additionally, orange has plenty of benefits to other problem in your life, you can find out more at How to get rid of Termites.

6. Potato

Last but not least, potato is well known as an amazing treatment for black eyes. Apparently, potato contains a special enzyme that has ability to brighten the dark circle and decrease pain. Moreover, this vegetable is beneficial to your skin and overall health.

How to apply

  • Remove the peel of a potato and take some slices of it
  • Place a few slices in fridge for 20 minutes
  • Then apply them directly on discolored skin area, or you can cover all over your face for beautiful skin
  • Follow this useful treatment once a day until your black eyes are disappeared.

Top Natural Treatments for Black Eyes ( Info-graphic )



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