Top Super foods for Diabetics
Top Super foods for Diabetics


Diabetics become more and more popular in the modern world. That’s why we need to pay more attention to changes in diet to control a wide range of diseases. Top super foods for diabetics comprise these superstar properties that is essential to add to your diet. These foods can help to burn fat, decrease inflammation, reduce blood sugar as well as improve overall health.

1. Chocolate

Since the ancient time chocolate is considered as one of the best healthy food for people in Western world. It is not only so tasty but it is also have a number of health benefits. Thanks to being rich in minerals called as flavonoids chocolate is widely used to decrease insulin resistance, rise insulin sensitivity, reduce insulin levels as well as speed up blood glucose or blunt cravings. However, not all kind of chocolate is reasonable for diabetics diet because these are not all created equal. A number of researches conducted by Copenhagen University in 2008 found that the increased in dark chocolate consumption is associated with the decreased in the rate of other bad sweet foods eating. No sooner do people eat dark chocolate than people tend to less like consuming salty, fatty or sweet foods compared with those who eat milk chocolate which have lower rate of healthy flavonoids ( as well as more fat and sugar, too). Eating dark chocolate also cut down the time of craving feelings. For example, the pizza consumption of volunteers eating dark chocolate can moderately reduce up to 15 percent. Besides, Dark chocolate having a great amount of flavonoids is widely proved that it can lend a helpful hand in reducing stroke risk, lowering the risk of heart attacks as well as balance blood pressure up to 2 percent for more than five years.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is known as one of the best food to get rid of diabetics. It is often called as anti-diabetes superstar. In the last 50 years broccoli is widely used in medication plan to prevent the cardiovascular attacks from blood vessels, enhance blood sugar management which often result from diabetes because this vegetables include valuable vitamins and minerals which is called as sulforaphane. These compound help in speeding up the process of anti-inflammatory. There are several king of veggies having these compounds such as cauliflower and kale. Moreover, sulforaphane also play an important role in supporting the natural detox process of body’s mechanisms, producing a great amount of enzymes to transform cancer triggers chemicals into the innocent forms which our body can quickly filter out.

3. Blueberries

Blueberries is one of the most outstanding fruit which is really helpful in getting rid of diabetes. Blueberries properties includes a wide range of superstar minerals and vitamins such as insoluble fiber as well as soluble fiber. These mentioned above fiber have ability to last the full feelings, relieving the cravings as well as enhance the control of blood sugar. The research conducted by USDA has found that people who get an inadequate of blueberries juice reduce the risk of diabetes up to 2 times when comparing with those who do not have enough recommended blueberries consumption in daily diets.

4. Steel-cut oats

Comparing with other food in the list, steel – cut oats may be less popular. There is a fact that many people do not know the real health benefits of this super food. Thanks to its compound including high rate of magnesium, steel cut oats can help body take use of secrete insulin and glucose properly. Besides, it also is responsible for decreasing the risk of diabetes. A 10-year study conducted by Copenhagen University found that due to being rich in magnesium, the increased in oatmeal consumption is associated with the 30% decreased in risk of diabetes for those who have an inadequate of consumed oatmeal.

How to apply:

You just simply cook or mix oatmeal with other nutrient foods such as vegetables including spinach, tomatoes, potatoes, milk … No sooner do you eat oatmeal which are full of nutrients, fiber and antioxidants properties than your digestion can be challenged in the good way. At that time blood sugar can be kept stable.

5. Fish

Fish is so familiar with both Western and Eastern world. To stay healthy people must eat vegetables and fish on a regular basis. That’s why to keep fit and stay away from the disease called diabetes fish is the food which is highly recommended by many experts in the list. Because fish is filled with protein, this food can help you to feel more satisfied and reduce the craving feelings moderately. A special kind of fat is also found in fish then it is undeniable that fish is so helpful in cooling inflammation. A number of researches stress that people those eat an inadequate amount of fish have highest blood rate of fatty acid (also known as omega 3) less contract with the inflammation. As a result, a body with wide inflammation have high risk of being with weight problems and worsen diabetes. Moreover, supplement high amount of fish into diet can prevent a number of diseases including stroke. Stroke can be reduced up to 4 percent when you eat more sardines, steamed, boiled or baked fish.

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