What are bumps on back of tongue?  Bumps on back of your tongue are usually there to maintain your oral health. It is a medical concern when there are bumps out of nowhere.

What are the causes? There may be various causes for the condition. Few causes are as follows: - Allergies, - Canker sores, - Scarlet fever, - Oral herpes.

How do doctors diagnose it?  The diagnosis of abnormal bumps on tongue is through: - Physical examination, - Blood test, - Biopsy to rule out cancer

How do they treat it? The treatment involves:  - Over-the-counter pain remedy, - Canker sore medication (if that's the cause), - Gargling , - Drinking plenty of water

Is it a huge concern?  A professional diagnosis helps in determining if its a concern. If you are concerned about the bumps present at the back of your tongue, its normal.