This Is Why Your Child Could Be An Empath: An empath is someone who acts like a sponge in the society. They are happy in your happiness, and sad in your sadness.

What Does Being An Empath Mean? Being an empath means you are experiencing everything with your heart. You have a heart of gold, you love nature, among others.

Symptoms Your Child Is An Empath: - They find it difficult to say no,-  Carry others' stress, - Has trouble with personal boundaries, - Loves me-time, Is super kind!

Professional Tests Which Can Help Decide: - Recognising emotion, - Expressing emotions, - Empathise with them, - Take perspective into consideration, - Develop problem-solving skills

Troubles Your Child Will Face In Social Settings: An empathetic child may: - Struggle with peer pressure, -   Group puzzle challenges, - Prone to bullying, - Try to fix everything