What is Pancoast Tumor?

Pancoast tumor is a rare lung cancer that begins in the upper part of the lungs, which is the apex.

Symptoms of Pancoast tumor

Pressure on your brachial plexus, - Severe pain in the shoulder, - Radiating pain in the upper arm, which stops at the wrist.

Risk Factors of Pancoast Tumor

Genetic predisposition, - Smoking, - Exposure to secondary smoking, - Long-term exposure to heavy metals, asbestos, radon

Diagnosis of Pancoast Tumor

Needle biopsy, - Other imaging tests such as CT scan, PET scan, MRI , - Thoracotomy, - Video-assisted thoracoscopy surgery

Treatment of Pancoast Tumor

Chemoradiation and Surgery, - Immunotherapy and chemoradiation, - Radiation therapy, - Targeted treatment, - Chemoimmunotherapy and surgery