Papules Acne 101

Papules Acne 101. These are inflamed bumps on your skin that can appear owing to the action of bacteria, medicines or hormones.

What Are Papules Acne?

What Are Papules Acne? A papule is a raised spot, and papule acne can occur when there is a blockage of the pores.

Symptoms Of Papules Acne That You Should Look Out For! - Red, painful bumps that appear on your skin, - Irritation on the affected site, - Tenderness in the area

Causes Of Papules Acne

Causes Of Papules Acne. - An increase in the number of bacteria, - Excess intake of sugar, - Stress, - Excess production of oil

What Are The Treatment Options?  The treatment options inlcude: -Antibiotics, - Birth control pills, - Pore size reducing drugs such as retinoid .