What is transient lingual papilitis?  Transient lingual papilitis or TLP is a common tongue inflammation that affects one of the several fungiform papillae present on tongue.

What causes transient lingual papilitis?  There may be several reasons: - Covid-19, - Drinking something hot or too cold, - Excesive drinking or smoking

Who are at risk?  People who: - Excessively smoke and drink, - Have poor hygiene, - Use retainers, - Have hormone fluctuations, - Stress

Symptoms of TLP The symptoms include:  - Tingling or burning sensation on tongue, - Presence of one or more bumps, - Distortion in taste

Myths about TLP you should shy away from: -  You get it if you lie. Lying is a bad practice, however, apart from guilt, lying will not make bumps appear on your tongue.