Bug Bites 101: Bug bites are injuries inflicted by bugs, which is just an informal name for insects. This is about wasp stings (yes, Antman's partner)

What Are Wasps? Wasps are insects that neither qualify as a bee nor ant. Wasps form a group of insects that have a slender, smooth body with few hairs.

Should You Be Worried If A Wasp Stings Your Child? It is important to calmly take precautions and focus on bringing the child comfort. If your child is allergic, seeking emergency care in that case is important.

What Are The Immediate Precautionary Measures Of Wasp Sting In Children? -Reassure your child, - Avoid using tweezer, - Wash the area with soap and water, - Apply pressure on the area with cold compress

When To Seek Medical Attention For A Wasp Sting In Children:If your child has: - Breathing issues, - Incessant pain, - Develops hives, rashes or abnormal reactions, - dizziness