Trypophobia Is Not A Big Problem: Irrational fears are unique and don't make sense to most people. However, for those who expereince it, it is a cause of great discomfort.

What Is Trypophobia: Trypophobia is a fear of tiny bumps or holes. Visualizing things such as honeycombs or lotus seed pods.

Symptoms You Have Trypophobia (If You Didn’t Know): These signs are possible: - Tingling or Itching, - Uncomfortable feeling, - Unease with clusters, - Avoiding hole-pics, -Different for everyone

Common Reactions To Trypophobia (In case you are confused): These reactions are common: - Gag reflex, - Quickly close your eyes, - Breathing changes, - express discomfort.

Coping Strategies Of Trypophobia: These coping strategies are present: - Distract yourself, - Try to actively avoid holes, - Practice deep breathing, - Cognitive Behavioral Theory