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Online Health Media is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an Affiliate Advertising Program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 

Affiliate Marketing Disclosure

Online Health Media is a part of engaging in different Affiliate Marketing Programs. This means that our website is paid part commissions on different products that might be purchased when users follow the external links and go to retailer platforms.  

The purpose of doing this helps us invest more heavily in seeking out medical practitioners and fitness and health consultants and create meaningful content on health and wellness issues. We go to great lengths to ensure objectivity and an unbiased approach towards researching, curating and informing our audiences about the best choices that they can take for their near and dear ones.  

The team at Online Health Media prides itself upon the fact that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical practices in the industry. You can rest assured that our intent is driven by science, care, and reason, and not by any other purpose.  

The following are the steps that the team at Online Health Media takes when it comes to mentioning any product on the website’s platform- 

  1. Brand Research of the Product 
  1. Ingredient Research and Exploration 
  1. Using Deep Web Scraping to find out about Reviews, Criticisms, and Mentions 
  1. Consultations with the In-house Medical Expert 
  1. Checking the Price Viability on different platforms 
  1. Requesting feedback of the Product from our ‘Close Group of 500 Active Users’ 
  1. Answering questions and responding to feedback on the Community Platforms and Social Media.  

It is only after we are convinced that the Product is scientifically tested and demonstrates proven results do we proceed to show it on our digital platforms (Website, Community Forum, and Social Media Channels).