Blog Benefits Of Chia Seeds: Why These Should Be On Your Grocery List!

Benefits Of Chia Seeds: Why These Should Be On Your Grocery List!

Salvia hispanica or Chia seeds are the richest source of most nutrients that cannot be obtained from one source. These tiny seeds are highly beneficial and can significantly add to your diet. The benefits of chia seeds and how you can add them to your life will be illustrated in the following section. 

This flowering plant belongs to the mint family and is mainly found in the southern Mexico and Guatemala regions. Those who have used these seeds would know the water-loving property of this seed. 

Technically called “hydrophilic,” the seeds can absorb around 12 times more weight when soaked in water. The plant is known for producing bright blue flowers. However, it is mainly grown for the seeds. With Mexico as its origin, the plant is now grown in the United States, India, Australia, Europe, and Columbia.

Let’s look at the benefits and uses of this seed.


Why Chia Seeds Are Your True Best Friend:

One of the latest trends within the health industry is focusing on superfoods packed with beneficial nutrients. Just like a good friend who eventually becomes your best friend, chia seeds can quickly be that! 

Ancient civilizations relied on seeds like these to derive nutrition and remain healthy. The earliest recorded use of chia seeds was during the Mayan and Aztec cultures. Their diets would include chia seeds that promoted the well-being of those people. 

By promoting this superfood, health supplements are being transformed to those which include such seeds. Out of the several benefits these tiny seeds provide, the following list highlights the most prominent ones.  

1. Rich Source Of Antioxidants

The chia seeds are a rich source of antioxidants that neutralize reactive molecules that harm the body. The antioxidants’ protective nature is best obtained by including chia seeds. The seeds contain antioxidants such as quercetin that decrease the risk of heart disease. The other antioxidants found in the seeds include caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, kaempferol, and myricetin. 

These have been recorded to be excellent at preventing the signs of aging, providing protection to the liver, and reducing the risk of cancer.

Did you know? 

The presence of antioxidants aid in the protection of delicate fats that offer protection to delicate fats that are present in the seed. This allows humans to experience health benefits from fats and antioxidants, among other characteristics. 

2. High In Fiber And Nutrition

These seeds’ high fiber and nutrition content will allow you to fulfill your everyday quota so your body can function correctly. Compared to other ‘super seeds,’ chia has more fiber than flax or basil seeds (commonly mistaken for titular seeds). 

The fiber content of this superfood is beneficial in satiating hunger and preventing consuming junk food. 

The nutrient content of the seeds is so impressive that they can swap an apple a day! 

These contain calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, sodium, copper, manganese and selenium among others. The following table highlights the primary nutritional information of these seeds. 

Nutrient Amount
Calories486 kcal
Carbohydrates42.1 g
Fiber34.4 g
Protein16.5 g
Fat30.7 g

Fig: Nutritional content of chia seeds. 

3. Aids In Weight Loss

The rich nutritional content of these seeds aids in facilitating the loss of excess weight and maintaining a healthy weight. Try chia seeds if you have been looking for safe alternatives to supplements and fad diets.  

Incorporating these seeds in your diet can be beneficial in several ways- from cutting down on your consumption of fatty foods to boosting your hair health; chia’sChia’s nutritional content is of immense importance.  

The high fiber content and its hydrophilic property allow you to feel full for longer, which prevents unhealthy snacking. While also allowing your body to absorb the nutrients present in them.

4. Promotes Bone Health

The presence of nutrients essential for bone health allows the consumer to benefit from the presence of bone nutrients that can boost bone density, making them stronger. Phosphorus, magnesium and calcium are present in the right quantity which allows humans to acquire the proper bone health. 

The following table highlights the quantity of each nutrient in the super seed and the Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) for adults aged 18 and above (for reference.) 

Each 100 g of chia seeds contains- 

Nutrient Amount (in mg) RDI (in mg) 
Calcium 631 mg1000-1300 
Phosphorous860 mg700-1250 
Magnesium 335 mg310-420 

Chia seeds in any form described below will help you enjoy the benefits. 

Digestive health is promoted along with helping one reach the goal of a healthy, moderate weight suited to one’s height and weight. 

5. Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

If you are looking up “is chia seed good for diabetes?” Here is your answer. 

Including super seeds for controlling the fluctuation of blood glucose levels can harm the health of people with diabetes.

Including this super seed can be an option when considering the top things that can aid in controlling blood sugar levels. 

The use of chia seeds in the list of foods that can control diabetes has been noted through research. Persistently high blood sugar levels can be detrimental due to the damage caused to the blood vessels. 

The high fiber of the chia seeds lowers the risk of fluctuating blood sugar levels by preventing blood sugar spikes, which aids in decreasing blood sugar levels. 

6. Source Of Omega Fatty Acids

The presence of omega fatty acids allows the body to reduce the chances of several health risks, such as heart disease. The diseases that could be prevented by incorporating chia seeds include stroke, heart attack, eczema, skin irritation, hair thinning, stiffness, joint pain, and dryness of the eyes, the most prominent ones.

Including chia seeds will provide a rich store of omega-3 and omega-6, which are polyunsaturated acids that can promote skin wellness. Thus answering your question about the “benefits of chia seeds for skin.” 

As per the recommendations, PUFAs in the right amount allow consumers like us to have an excellent addition to a heart-healthy diet. 

7. Reduces Heart Risk 

Various nutrients in these super seeds contribute to reducing heart risks. The presence of quercetin in the antioxidant complex allows heart risks to be controlled. Lowering blood pressure by using chia seeds lets the blood vessels relax, reducing the extent of their damage. 

Thus preventing the possibility of a heart condition from arising. The presence of omega-3 fatty acids allows the body to control the damage to the blood vessels. Therefore, try incorporating this super seed into your diet to promote a healthy heart. 

8. Increases good Cholesterol

A recent study has highlighted the impact of using chia seeds on promoting good Cholesterol while reducing the amount of bad Cholesterol. You and I understand the meaning of good and bad- however, the body only recognizes ingredients as an energy source. 

And choosing the right kind of food can make all the difference. 

The appropriate amount of ‘good’ ingredients will boost the body to perform its function. And ensure that the cells are nourished instead of being damaged. The intake of chia seeds does precisely that. Provided the consumption of high-calorie food is controlled. Using these seeds raises the amount of HDL through its protective effect on the balance of lipids.  

People with ailments such as high Cholesterol can balance good and bad Cholesterol through the daily consumption of chia seeds.

9. Anti-Inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory properties of these seeds are seen due to the presence of caffeic acid. The anti-inflammatory effects of a substance imply that it can reduce inflammation that can be caused due to several reasons, such as diseases or bacterial infection. 

The diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis can be controlled through the use of chia seeds. The redness, swelling, and pain experienced during inflammation can lead to loss of essential functions. Thus, to prevent this, chia seeds would be a safer alternative. 

The presence of pro-inflammatory agents (the ‘agents that cause inflammation) is lowered by chia seeds. The antioxidants, such as caffeic acid in the seeds, act as a protective factor against inflammation. Moreover, the indicators of inflammatory disease in the body are also reduced by chia seeds. . 

10 Versatile Ways To Include In Diet

Here are a few ways to easily include the super seeds into your diet. You could add any of the following to your lifestyle or at least one. 

The addition of chia seeds will not just provide you with disease-preventing nutrients, but it will also boost hair health, skin health, fat loss and fiber intake. 

  • Soaked Chia

The most common and easiest way to add chia seeds to one’s diet is through soaking them. If you have been looking up the “benefits of drinking chia seeds water,” this dish is just for you!

These super seeds can be soaked overnight or at least 10 minutes before consumption. The seeds can be soaked in hot water or juiced to absorb the water and become gelatinous for easy consumption. 

Consuming chia seeds soaked in water is preferred to fruit juice. This reduces the consumption of excess sugar. 

To make chia water: Boil at least two cups of water. Add this boiled water to a cup containing two tablespoons of chia seeds and allow it to soak for 10-20 minutes. You can have the mixture as a warm drink or at a normal temperature. 

Similarly, for juice chia, soak the chia seeds in a glass of fruit juice for at least 30 minutes and consume. This provides a glass full of minerals and fibers. 

Pro tip: Try consuming the chia seeds in warm water for the added benefit of warm water on overall health.  

If you do not like the taste of plain water, try squeezing in a few drops of lemon, lime, or orange. 

  • Chia In Smoothie 

Adding chia to smoothies is an easy way to include this nutrient-rich seed in your diet. No matter what type of smoothie you drink- either fruit or vegetable or a mixture of both, adding chia seeds packs a lot of nutrients into that one glass of healthy breakfast/snack. 

You could add it while the ingredients blend or top your smoothie with the seeds. The effects of this will be the same. 

  • Chia Pudding

Another way to add these seeds to your diet is by making a chia pudding that can be made for dessert. This dish has several variations; I will share the one that is my favorite. 

Add two tablespoons of chia seeds in a container- preferably glass or steel. Add two cups of milk and one tablespoon of honey as a sweetener. I let this mixture rest for a few hours till the entire dish is chilled enough for a dessert.    

That is it! For variations, you can try adding nuts (almond, pistachio, or cashew) and dried or fresh berries (strawberry, cranberry, raspberries)- personally, I prefer adding dried cranberries for that sweet and tangy mouthfeel.  

  • In A Salad

Chia seeds can be added by grinding a tablespoon of chia seeds for one to two servings of salad. The ground form of the seeds provides enhanced nutritional content that can be absorbed easily. 

Sprinkle the seeds on top of your salad, and enjoy!

  • Soup

We are all aware of the use of flour for thickening soups or gravy. A healthy alternative for this can be the use of soaked chia seeds.

Just replace the use of flour slurry in the cooking process with the addition of soaked chia seeds. Voila! You’ll have a perfectly thick soup/gravy. 


These were the benefits and uses of chia seeds in our daily life. Be it as a breakfast replacement or a dessert, using this for the added benefits is a smart choice over unhealthy snacks. 

With a healthy lifestyle, adding chia to your diet will only enhance the benefits of your habit. These seeds’ high fiber and nutrient content make this worthy of occupying the space on a superfood list.  

Have a recipe or benefit you would like to share with us? Write in the comments below. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Chia Seeds A Superfood?

Chia seeds are a superfood or functional foods that improve the functioning of the body. As seen in the article above, the chia seeds have a great amount of benefits for the human body. The term functional food implies that these seeds offer more benefits than nutritional value. For example, chia seeds are great at lowering the cholesterol and improves gut health. The other functional uses of chia seeds have been seen to be reducing weight and appetite, while also lowering triglycerides, blood sugar levels in type II diabetes.

Are Chia Seeds Better Than Flaxseeds?

The chia seeds are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids that is missing in flaxseeds. Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce the risks of diseases such as cardiovascular issues and cholesterol levels.The flaxseeds also have a shorter shelf life in comparison to chia seeds and it also has a richer reserve of antioxidants.

How Much Chia Seeds Can I Have In A Day?

Chia seeds are a great source of vitamins and nutrients that can be beneficial for us. When you are starting your journey with chia seeds, you can consume at least 15-20 grams of the seeds. Moreover, you can also have 10 grams of the seeds if you are 18 years old.

How Long Should Chia Seeds Sit In The Liquid?

Soaking chia seeds is necessary to make the benefits better available for you. If you are trying to prepare a recipe that requires the chia seeds to be soaked overnight, you have the proper time period. However, if you are consuming the seeds daily, the time depends on the recipe- if you are drinking plain water with the seeds- you can soak the seeds in hot water for 10-15 minutes. Alternatively, if you are mixing the seeds in a smoothie, you do not need to soak them.

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