Blog Do Men Experience Bipolar Symptoms As Women? Here Are Five Bipolar Symptoms In Men.

Do Men Experience Bipolar Symptoms As Women? Here Are Five Bipolar Symptoms In Men.

As the first article of the Mental Health Day series, we are highlighting the less talked about subjects in this field. The prevalence of mental health disorders in men, the symptoms they experience, and their representation in studies. Particular focus remains on the bipolar symptoms in men. 

Even though there is no significant difference between the experience of the symptoms in men and women. 

It is important to tackle the stigma around mental health issues, irrespective of gender. Adding the pressure of discriminating against men and women is unjust and makes no sense. The conversations around mental health are increasing which is a great sign of society’s growth, but it is getting difficult to hold those conversations for a long time. 


What Is Bipolar Disorder? 

What Is Bipolar Disorder

Caption: bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that can lead to feeling high and low. 

Previously known as manic depression, bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that can lead to mood swings, and emotional highs or lows. These highs can be either mania or hypomania and the lows can be depression. 

The feeling can vary from person to person. However, based on analysis, there are a few signs that can be observed in men that are characteristic of bipolar disorder. The following sections will focus on these signs that are prominent in men and elaborate on the steps that can be taken to treat the symptoms. 

Mood swings may occur frequently or multiple times in a year. Most people experience emotional symptoms between these episodes whereas some do not. The scientific efforts have been directed towards treating these symptoms and providing ways for the person experiencing this disorder to manage their condition. 

 How A Person With Bipolar Thinks

How A Person With Bipolar Thinks

A person with bipolar disorder (BP) may experience all the symptoms that have been observed by experts. However, their experience of the condition may be different- some may have their thoughts affected more severely than their emotions. Some may experience the opposite. 

In any case, to “read ” someone’s mind is something yet to be achieved. It is important that people know how to conduct their behavior around those who may be dealing with BP. 

The experience of BP can differ amongst people in the following ways- they may see, hear or smell things that are not there. This can lead to confusion in them- this is referred to as hallucinations. In addition, the psychology behind bipolar disorder is forever undergoing alterations. 

The alterations in a person’s thoughts is a natural implication of the condition that can also be seen in their reasoning and recalling information. The symptoms of bipolar condition can only slightly differ between genders as the characteristics of the condition are the same. 

It is also important to note that a person experiencing this condition can face difficulty in reasoning as well as the ability to solve problems. It is also observed that people with bipolar disorder usually associate thoughts with their emotional state. Their thoughts can suffer negatively due to the same reason. 

However, there are several ways to manage the condition and deal with the symptoms that one experiences. It is important to support people who are experiencing bipolar disorder as it is something that cannot be “controlled.” 

Let us take a look at the possible symptoms that can be experienced by men. 

Bipolar Symptoms In Men

Bipolar Symptoms In Men

Caption: Mood swings between hypomania and depression. 

The experience of symptoms related to mental health conditions can differ in men due to the societal constructs of what is “masculine.” Instead of treating someone based on their gender, people should be treated with kindness, irrespectively.

Especially for people who are currently dealing with difficulty in mental or physical aspects of their health. As per NAMI, three in five people claimed that they are treated differently when others hear about their diagnosis. 

Following are the five bipolar symptoms that men may experience: 

  1. Significant shifts in mood and energy 
  2. Shifts interfering with daily life
  3. Feeling hopeless or sad, yet energized
  4. Trouble sleeping 
  5. Having extreme thoughts during episodes that can be emotionally draining

Other Features Of Bipolar Symptoms In Men

Other Features Of Bipolar Symptoms In Men

Caption: Men may struggle with mood swings while dealing with thoughts that are misleading. 

The pressure of this disorder can be felt due to the stigma that is attached to it. When people with bipolar disorder share this diagnosis with someone, they are usually met with a judgment. The judgment usually labels them as “crazy” or “unstable” both of which aren’t true or kind. 

The bipolar symptoms in men can vary depending on factors such as environmental, emotional and social factors.  

The features per se of this condition may be defined as the difference in experiencing the types of bipolar disorders. In addition, it is also observed that men with bipolar disorder can feel bouts of anxiety, distress, psychosis and melancholy. 

In addition, the development of symptoms associated with bipolar disorder can be during teenage years or at 20. Additionally, the symptoms associated with this condition can vary over time while certainly differing between people. 

The experience of mania or hypomania is not a fun experience and can be as severe as triggering a break from reality. Thus, it becomes necessary that a person- especially those who are stigmatized for a disorder is supported. 

How To Manage These Symptoms? 

How To Manage These Symptoms

Caption: Psychotherapy is a helpful way to manage BP symptoms

The management of these symptoms is possible through professional help. A professional has the necessary skills that can ensure a person with a mental health condition is provided necessary support. 

The management of these symptoms include reaching out to a professional for proper guidance. The cycles of being more productive and feelings of euphoria can be enjoyable. It can also be followed by an emotional crash that leaves you worn out or depressed. 

Thus, to avoid either of the extremes, it is necessary to get treatment from a professional. The notion that things will get better on their own is not applicable in this case. The complexity of the symptoms require expert intervention such that it is under control. 

Psychotherapy is an effective strategy of maintaining the condition. It is also seen that support groups and education help in managing the situation in a better manner. The  

Are There Any Medications That Can Help?

Are There Any Medications That Can Help

Caption: Mood stabilizing medications are used in treatment plans. 

Yes, medications such as antipsychotics and mood stabilizers are often employed to help people with the condition. Specifically for the treatment of the episodes and bipolar mania, medications play a huge role. 

Apart from that, the treatment plan can also include Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). This therapy is an alternative for patients who experience treatment-resistant acute mood episodes. Particularly in people who are experiencing depression with psychotic features. 


This was all based on the experience of bipolar symptoms in men. The specific gender is chosen for this article due to the stigma that surrounds their experience of mental health issues. Their experience of most issues, specifically mental health conditions is disregarded due to the societal expectations and norms which are unnecessary. 

Furthermore, the article also discussed the treatment and management options for the condition. If you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms, reach out to Crisis Text LineText HOME to 741741 or National Grad Crisis Line at (877) 472-3457.

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