Blog Bumps On Back Of Tongue: Is It Normal? Know The Signs Of Danger.

Bumps On Back Of Tongue: Is It Normal? Know The Signs Of Danger.

Disclaimer: The following article contains images and information that may trigger people with trypophobia.

Bumps on back of tongue got you worried? Here are the top signs to recognize if they can be a cause of concern. Don’t be worried. Usually, bumps you see far back in your tongue are normal and part of our lymphatic system.

The bumps you may see at the back of your tongue are papillae. This isn’t a cause of concern for you if these did not pop up recently. The following article will highlight the signs that indicate you need to consult a doctor.


What are bumps on back of tongue?  

Bumps on the back of your tongue are usually there due to the body’s natural makeup and the oral cavity. A part of the tongue, these slightly raised features are at the back. These raised features contain the temperature sensors and taste buds that help us experience food.

However, the bumps on your tongue that appear out of the blue can cause concern. The bumps of these kinds are usually red or different colored when they bear bad news. You may not even notice them, but you may be able to feel them. This makes your job easier and lets you know that it needs professional attention.

What are the causes?  

There can be many causes of abnormal bumps on back of tongue:

  • Canker sores
  • Allergies
  • Oral herpes
  • Scarlet fever
  • Oral thrush
  • Tongue cancer

There can be additional reasons for the appearance of bumps on the back of your tongue. These may be due to allergies or conditions such as leukoplakia. Furthermore, infections can also cause bumps to appear, which can be painful. If you bite your tongue, that can also lead to the development of an infection. Thus, seeing a doctor is important if you bite your tongue (literally).

This is because the wounded site is an open invitation to the bacteria that reside in our mouth, some of which are opportunistic and can switch to the infection-causing type once they find the “right environment.” This environment is the one that allows them to grow and multiply, invading the tissue and possibly even entering the bloodstream.


Now that we know there can be abnormal bumps on the tongue as well, here is a way doctors find out if those swellings are anything to be concerned about. The diagnosis can be through:

  • The doctor examines your medical history to check for the probable causes of the bumps.
  • A blood test can help the doctor rule out sexually transmitted infections such as tuberculosis and syphilis.
  • Biopsy can help them rule out cancer. This is only if the doctor suspects there is a chance of the development of cancer.

Treatment options 

The cause of the bumps on back of tongue determines the treatment for it. For example, when there is a medical condition that can weaken the immune system, making the tongue bump likely. The next step is testing for conditions such as diabetes.

The proper management of the condition requires the reduction of the bumps returning. The other options that can help you get rid of the bumps are:

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Avoiding spicy and acidic food
  • Gargling. You can do this with the help of saltwater and baking soda rinse. Doing this regularly will help you find relief from the bumps.
  • Additionally, the doctor may prescribe using an over-the-counter topical remedy that can help you reduce the pain. They may also prescribe canker sore medication – when the cause is canker sore. They may also ask you to use oral numbing gel.
  • Using alcohol-based mouthwashes is also something that will be discouraged.

How do we know if it is severe?  

If the bumps keep coming back despite applying the remedy and treatment options, you must consult your doctor. Additionally, if the bumps become large or inflamed, this is also an area of concern.

Moreover, if the doctor diagnoses scarlet fever, the bumps will appear as bright red swellings, with the tongue turning red as well. There is a good chance that the bumps will grow larger. This is another sign that you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

If you notice bleeding from the bumps, this also indicates a major concern. This, with the occurrence of recurrent sore throat, ear pain, bad breath, and numbness in the area, are indications of a serious issue.


Are bumps on back of tongue normal?  

Yes, as mentioned above, the bumps on the back of your tongue are something that helps us taste our food and judge its temperature. The article is for differentiating normal bumps from abnormal ones. Something that can occur when there is an underlying condition.

Can bumps on my tongue mean I have an STD?  

Sometimes, when you are engaging in oral sexual activities, you can be exposed to the Herpes virus, which is known to cause sexually transmitted diseases. The primary signs that should tell you the bumps are from an STD is the presence of cold sore blisters around the mouth or nose. If these signs are visible to you, then seeking medical advice would be good for you.

Are there home remedies to solve bumps on the back of the tongue?  

The home remedies that can help you get rid of the bumps on the back of your tongue are:
– Maintaining good oral hygiene
– Avoid sugary, spicy and acidic foods
– Quit smoking, even second-hand smoke
– Use a medicated mouthwash only after consultation with your dentist or doctor.


Thus, this concludes the article on bumps on the back of the tongue. Hopefully, this article was able to inform you of the same and help you differentiate between what’s normal and abnormal.

The information disseminated through the article can help you increase your awareness of the conditions that can lead to such swelling.

In addition, bumps on your tongue can go away on their own when they are not due to an underlying cause.

Moreover, when a condition is diagnosed as the cause of these bumps, there can be a cure for it, which saves you the headache.

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