Blog Create A Fitness App In 2023: Steps, Costs, Tech Stack

Create A Fitness App In 2023: Steps, Costs, Tech Stack

In the present era, people all around the world have started investing in their lifestyle as well as fitness and physical health too. Covid-19 has accelerated the fitness app trends due to lesser access to gyms.

People use virtual sessions to keep themselves healthy and fit. According to research, fitness apps generated 1.1 billion in revenue in 2021, and the market is growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 17.6% from 2021 to 2030.

It has been expected to cross 8.1 billion by 2032, which means the need for fitness apps is now in a rage. If you are looking for steps, cost, and Tech Stack to create a fitness app, you are in the right place. Keep reading with us. You will know each of them by the end of this blog post.


5 Steps to Create Your Fitness Apps

 Create Your Fitness Apps

Creating a fitness app is not a piece of cake. It is a long process, but we will break down this complex problem into five steps. Carefully read these five steps because each step is super important in building a fitness app in 2023.

1- Research Market/ Identify your audience

In this step, you have to find your target audience and the platform where they will use your app. Knowing about your target audience is the most important step to building an app because then you can build a productive app for them.

A couple of Questions you also need to ask at this step are

  • What is the Unique Selling Point (USP) of my App?
  • What are the platforms (mobile, tablet, TV, or wristwatch) that I need to cover?

2- Prototype and User Test

The prototype is an interactive face of your application. In this step, we first make a low-fidelity version of the design and then work on a high-fidelity prototype. After this, we test it with your test customers and then iterate to ensure the solution does what it is supposed to do to inspire customers.

3- Choose the Tech Stack

After the prototype is ready, the next step is to choose the required Tech Stack to build up your Fitness app. Some people wondered why it is important to choose the Tech Stack while creating a Fitness app.

The reasons are given below

  • Your Choice of Tech Stack can affect the prices of your app
  • Tech Stack may impose some limitations on your mobile products Capabilities

4- Build and Test, Rinse and Repeat

In this test, we test and try to improve the quality of our app. After each iteration, we check if the new features we added to our product are working well or not.

How do we test our app?

  • Peer coding review
  • Manual testing
  • Automated testing with tools

5- Finally, it’s time to release and Maintain

Now, we are ready to release our fitness app on mobile phone stores. This is the time to lean back and relax. Still, some of the fixes will always go along according to your customer reviews and their feedback.

Cost of Fitness App Development:

The cost of creating a fitness app keeps on varying by adding new features to the fitness app. But on average, it costs almost $50,000 for an MVP and up to $600,000 for a full-featured app. But as I have earlier said, it all depends upon the chosen features and developing methods.

Some of the factors that affect the creation cost of an app are

  • Features and Integrations
  • Tech Stack
  • Complexity of Design
  • The expertise of the team
  • Developer team location

Tech Stack to Create a Fitness App:

Tech Stack to Create a Fitness App

A Tech Stack is a combination of different technologies used by companies to build up apps. As we all know, there are a lot of options in selecting the right combination for a specific app, but here I have collected a list of commonly used Tech Stacks.

1- Programming Languages

  • PHP
  • Nodes.js
  • Swift
  • Kotlin

2- Database

  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • My SQL

3- Cloud storage

  • Amazon S3
  • Azure Cloud Services

4- Utilities

  • Google Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Visual website optimizer

5- Payment Gateways

  • Braintree
  • Stripe
  • Paypal

6- Deployment platform

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Cloud

7- Libraries

  • Google Map
  • Socket

8- Messaging

  • Twilio
  • RestComm
  • Sinch
  • Nexmo

Final Words:

In this blog post, we have discussed the importance of Fitness App Worldwide, as we all know that COVID-19 tends to think about new solutions to remain healthy, ultimately we have found one in the shape of a fitness app.

These apps help us to stay healthy and fit to enjoy our life. Then we have to discuss how to create a fitness app, what is the cost of creating a fitness app, and what Tech Stack used in a fitness app.

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