Blog What Impact Drug Abuse Can Have On Your Hair – And How To Get It Shining Again

What Impact Drug Abuse Can Have On Your Hair – And How To Get It Shining Again

We all love having nice shiny hair, but for some of us, it’s just not possible. But have you ever thought that might be down to your lifestyle rather than your genetic makeup? Hence drug abuse is going to be a very big issue. It is not only going to hamper someone’s life, but it is also going to spoil your health.

Abusing our bodies can have a significant impact on our lives, and those who regularly partake in drugs and alcohol are going to see the physical impact of that. And many of the doctors are already submitted records that clearly show how drug abuse is going to spoil the overall health of a person and snatch away the shine of hair and skin.

Let’s start with what is drug abuse and the difference between alcohol and drug abuse.


What Is The Clinical Meaning Of Drug Abuse?

Drug and alcohol abuse, alongside an unhealthy lifestyle, can have a huge impact on the likes of your skin and hair, so if you’re looking for a healthy glow, you aren’t going to find it on drugs.

Drug abuse is a substantial amount of abuse that refers to the use of certain chemicals. These chemicals create a very certain amount of pleasurable effects on the brain. There are over 180 million drug users. And the problems are always increasing at alarming rates.

The health concerning points is always there. Along with the health concerning points, there are many more side effects that are also coming forth. For example, your hair and skin.

The impact they can have on hair is dramatic, and it can often be the factor where many people decide it’s time to get help. If that is now you, this website can help with that, while if you’re wondering what your drug taking may do to your hair, here’s a little taste…

Impact Drug Abuse

1. Physical Appearance Of Hair

Firstly, the hair will look different. You’ll find that drug abuse can have a significant impact on how your hair looks. That’s largely due to the toxins within drugs and the lack of nutrients you’re getting due to that. Hair needs those nutrients to grow and stay healthy. 

Hair loss will be the biggest change you may see due to addiction and drug abuse, as the hair cycle will be tricked into premature rest. You also can join a drug abuse warning network for a better understanding of the knowledge. 

This, in particular, can have not only an effect on your appearance but your mental health too, with millions of people worldwide most self-conscious about their hair.

2. Chemical Changes To Hair

The chemicals in drugs can cause damage to a hair over a long period of time and at various cycles of hair growth. 

A number of studies have shown this, and one around cocaine abuse found that the keratinized structure of hair was damaged in over 97% of cocaine abusers, with the outer layer of the hair, called the cuticle, also damaged in 95% of people using the drug. 

This can have a direct impact on the physical appearance of hair and leave it looking dull and lifeless. 

This can be rectified, however. By giving up drugs, the toxins will eventually be removed from the system, and the hair may begin to regrow as normal again. However, that, of course, is a difficult task, and addiction treatment may be required before you can have happy and healthy hair once again.

3. Hair Structural Changes

The effects of alcohol and drug abuse take a few months to show up. But the facts are far denser and deep-rooted. Sometimes the consumption of drugs and drug abuse

changes the whole structural form of the hair.

The structural changes don’t mean in a good way. The bad ways are that your hair cuticles are going to be more fragile and breakable. Even the pores can also be damaged due to these issues. This is a serious headache for any person who has long and silky hair.

Hair fall is a very common concern for people. And along with hair fall, there are certain types of issues that are also going to count as permanent loss.

For example, your dried hair pores and a huge amount of hair loss. These are the very harmful side of drug abuse cases. So before consuming any of the drugs, always these things in your mind. And you will know what type of harsh effects can be shown on your hair and overall health.

Wrapping It Up:

Drug abuse is a serious health concern. Many people are presently suffering from drug abuse and other addicting-related concerns.

These are the reasons why drug abuse is just going to be one of the most health-concerning factors in the upcoming years. So if you are thinking we are missing out on any of the points, let’s know through the comment sections. 

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