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Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Erectile dysfunction is one worse condition that affects men. It is famously known as ED. the state can always influence anybody anytime throughout everyday life and for some reason. When one has this condition, it could be prone to physical disorders such as nerve harm and hormonal changes.  

More so, one can get bloodstream issues, low testosterone diabetes, heftiness and heart infections. The mental problems that connect with this ED are usually the history of sexual injury and lack of self-confidence as one could lack the closeness issues due to the complexity of the condition. 

When most men experience this condition, they will always turn to take Viagra medicines. However, according to research, pelvic activities will not only help in the substantial gathering of men but also give erections a change more than ever. 

You should always consider indulging in Kegel exercises with a combination of a decent diet regime. You can also choose using the male enhancements supplements that have been, for some time-proven outstanding outcomes in accomplishing sexual inclinations. 


What are the symptoms of ED? 

  • difficulties in getting an erection 
  • strain upholding an erection during sexual activities 
  • The reduction in the interest in sex 

Other sexual disorders related to ED include: 

  • untimely ejaculation 
  • late ejaculation 
  • the inability to achieve orgasm after abundant stimulation 

The Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction  

Erectile dysfunction is caused by several physical and behavioral factors. These are:

1. Heart Disease   

Erectile dysfunction is known to be an early sign of heart disease. Heart diseases are usually centered around blockage of blood flow which causes further damage. Similarly, the cause of erectile dysfunction can be suspected to be heart issues.

2. Atherosclerosis  

The buildup of plaque blocks the flow of blood to the penis which makes erection difficult for individuals with that organ.

3. Elevated Levels Of Cholesterol  

Elevated levels of cholesterol have a role in the buildup of plaque which inhibits blood flow. Thus, elevated levels of cholesterol elevate the chances of erectile dysfunction.

4. Elevated Blood Pressure  

The elevation in blood pressure causes less blood to flow to the penis. This creates difficulty for people to get and sustain erections.

5. Diabetes  

High blood sugar levels damage the blood vessels which can create an issue for individuals with penis to get erections that are firm or long enough.

6. Obesity  

Hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, physical inactivity, psychological factors related to obesity all may contribute to erectile dysfunction.

7. Parkinson’s Disease  

The motor and autonomic nervous systems control the sexual responses and the loss of dopamine in people with Parkinson’s may cause erectile dysfunction.

8. Multiple Sclerosis  

Multiple sclerosis can interfere with the signal sent to the brain during arousal, the nerve damage interrupting this signal transduction causes ED.

Tips that will help to overcome Erectile Dysfunction  

In the case that you suffer from ED, you must incorporate these tips to ensure better health and a better sex life. 

Move a muscle, but not talking about your biceps

Kegel exercises or the pelvic floor practices tend to enhance the rigidity during erections. Also, it helps in keeping blood from leaving the penis by pressing on a vital vein. When you indulge in these activities, it allows men to build bulbocavernosus muscle.  

Muscles that are extremely in charge of enabling the penis to load with blood during pleasure, which causes a healthy erection. You should ensure that you indulge in these exercises at least every day as they will help in strengthening the muscles. 

Start walking 

Start walking 

 According to research by Harvard, it was clear that a 30 minutes’ walk was linked to a 41% drop in the risks of one getting ED. Also, according to other researches, they suggest that with moderate exercises this could help in the restoration of sexual performance. Especially in obese middle-aged men. 

Maintaining your weight  

your weight  

Size matters. This it is important to get slim and stay slim in the case you are prone to Erectile Dysfunction. When you lose weight, it could help in fighting ED. Thus, when it comes to fighting the condition of ED, you must exercise regularly to get a healthy weight. 

When you suffer from obesity, this could increase the chances of getting ED as it raises the risks of diabetes and vascular diseases 

Eat right  

Eat right  

According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, when you eat diets that are rich in natural foods such as whole grains, and fruits decreased ED. The study recommended that people should also consider taking in fewer red and processed meat and focus on lean proteins. 

Pay attention to your vascular health  

When one has high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, and high triglycerides, this could cause damages. When they affect the arteries in the heart, this could lead to heart attacks, in the penis could lead to ED and in the brain, it could cause a stroke. 

When you feel you have problems with your heart, brain, and penis, it is crucial to see a doctor. They could help to find the fundamental cause and give the right medications that could help prevent the disorders from being worse. 

Some of the Kegel exercises to try 

When you exercise, this could be of help when it comes to treating some causes of ED. The most beneficial activities are usually the Kegels or the pelvic floor exercises. These exercise mainly target the muscles, especially the pubococcygeus that support the pelvic organs. 

When you engage in these exercises, it could take you some time before you start realizing the results. Some key activities include; 

Activating pelvic floor muscles 

During this exercise, ensure that you are lying down on the floor with the feet. You then put your arms by the sides and then keep your knees bent. You can then squeeze and exhale the pelvic floor muscles. Then you can inhale and release to a count of three. 

Usually, during these exercises, it is essential to identify the right group of muscles. It could be easy to contract other muscles instead of the intended ones accidentally. 

Sitting pelvic floor activation 

When doing this exercise, relax with your arms at the sides and the feet lying flat on the floor. Ensure that the hip-width is apart. Ensure that the pelvic floor muscles are activated before inhaling and releasing for a count of three.  

Also, in this exercise ensure that the leg muscles, buttocks and stomach do not contract. 

Standing pelvic floor activation 

This kind of exercise is done by standing straight with the arms by the sides, and the feet hip-width apart. Always activate the pelvic floor muscles for a count of three while you ensure that the leg muscles, buttocks and stomach are not contracting. 

Later and sooner, when you continuously indulge in these exercises, you will begin seeing that your holding periods have expanded. Also, you’re capacity when it comes to performing more reiterations also increase. 

With this muscle positions, this will help bring incredible advantages and rewards that support your erection. You can always attempt playing these similar exercises while taking your seats, sitting down with your legs, or standing straight. 


Irregular ED is not something uncommon. Most men will always experience it, especially during the time of stress. However, when there is frequent ED, then this could be an indicator of more severe health problems that could need medical care. 

Also, it could be a sign of relationship or emotional difficulties. Therefore when this condition is worse, you should consider seeing the doctor.  

Are you a victim of these embarrassing condition? The above exercises and routines could be of great benefit in helping out the Erectile Dysfunction condition. 


1. What Is The Fastest Way To Cure Erectile Dysfunction?   

The fastest way to cure erectile dysfunction is through following simple lifestyle changes such as maintaining a healthy weight, and lowering smoking.

2. How Can I Know If I Have Erectile Dysfunction?  

There are no diagnostic tests for erectile dysfunction. The recognition of this condition is through noticing the signs and symptoms of the condition. The prominent sign of this condition is continuously not being able to sustain erections for long enough.

3. Is There A Cure For Erectile Dysfunction?  

If the dysfunction is due to a health condition, medication or lifestyle factors, then reversing the condition is possible. The underlying cause of the condition needs to be addressed in these cases, for ED to be reversed. Medications specific for ED can alleviate its symptoms, however, it cannot cure the condition.

4. How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction?  

Erectile dysfunction can be cured through proper medications prescribed by the physician and reducing the impact of risk factors that are predisposing you to the condition. These include quitting smoking, eating well, reducing the consumption of alcohol, taking supplements, sometimes even going to therapy helps.

5. Can Viagra Cure Erectile Dysfunction?  

Choosing viagra as your medicine is not helpful in the long run as it is not directed for its cure. The purpose of the medicine is to ease erection, while it may seem like a good idea, however there are chances you will hurt your spontaneity and it will become expensive with time.

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