Blog How to lift up the health condition of men in the present world

How to lift up the health condition of men in the present world

You feel bold with what you live in, the way you live at and also the lifestyle you follow in your life. You must be bold and also feel confident in whatever you are doing. Hence, there is no fault about remaining bold on whatever you are doing or following. But there is a need and urgency to rethink whatever you are following. 

Your food habits, your lifestyle, and also the focus of your life, all have been under a big question, especially after the spread of COVID 19. The base and basement of COVID are known to all of you by now. You know very well that whatever COVID has done, and how it is affecting our immunity.  

Hence, this opens up a wide thinking forum for all and for everyone to rethink what we all are doing and what we are making out of life. 

If COVID would have been some virus that could not be fought out, then this question would not have come affront, but when this ailment is about your immunity strength, where for your low immunity alone, the virus has buried the modern civilization, a question is sure to get a rise. 

That question is whether we are doing the right thing, whether our focus on life is sterilized and whether our habits and lifestyle are absolutely correct?  The answer is an absolute NO. 


What proves right and wrong for the health condition of men?

What proves right and wrong for the health condition of men?

The immunity of a person is the internal strength that one is having. The same is extracted out of his food habit and also his lifestyle and mental focus. A person who is focused on life remains so much strong mentally that his immunity always remains at the extreme position; a person whose lifestyle is perfected, his immunity remains always balanced; and a person whose food habit is up to the mark, his immunity always lies at the peak. 

If the COVID has been weaker in under-developed nations that would give us a statement that scantiness of food and unhygienic environment of life is the source of the same. But the reality is just the opposite. COVID has endangered the human species of the developed and developing nations the most. 

This clearly states that there is some delicate fault in lifestyle and food habits and also the mental focus of this civilization as the developed and developing men are the designers of this civilization and not the under-developed. 

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What is wrong then? 

What is wrong then? 

Here the agenda is not to find the odd one out. Men faced the calamity of COVID at the developed nations first and then it floated or got transmitted to the poor. The rich and lavish lifestyle following developed the ailment in them and made the poor suffer from it. The developers of civilization have found the ailment first and they made the rest of the world suffer. 

Even after this, if there is no word anywhere that the civil power is not corrupted and hollow from inside, the only finger point goes to one thing, the master and slave relation. However, this is not the time to blame and fire, especially when the masters are ill. 

The masters of this civilization, it is high time for you to look back on what you have done to yourself and to society. The foods you focussed on, couldn’t give you essential immunity, not even the lifestyle you followed. The focus you made on society has not even given you the same immunity. 

How to lift up the health condition of men?

How to lift up the health condition of men?

It is high time that you focus back on the lifestyle you followed; it is high time that you make the society focus more on agriculture and cattle rearing and it is high time for society to cancel out the genetically modified foods and all the fast packed foods. 

Running through the computers and designing more and more technologies has deteriorated the immunity strength of all, you have seen that. The packed foods and genetically modified foods have collapsed the immunity strength of you and the society, which too you have found. 

Now, if you are not coming back from your stand, then you are murdering this civilization and making yourself responsible for the destruction of the same. If you won’t want yourself to be the prime one to save the civilization, then it is high time to act on these, otherwise, how much closer proximity the civilization is standing near its destruction, you have viewed and reviewed the same through your own eyes. 


Other than COVID, several other ailments are all-encompassing the entire world and human race that you know very well. From the complications of the heart and brain to complications of the sexual process, everywhere there is some destruction and collapsing scenario. There are drugs to support these like Cenforce 100, Vidalista or Fildena, Cenforce 150 but they make even more damage to the body system. So, act accordingly or perish. 

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