Blog Major Causes of Hard Nipples – Full Guide [2020 Update]

Major Causes of Hard Nipples – Full Guide [2020 Update]

Are you searching for the major causes of hard nipples? If yes, then you are at the right place reading the correct blog! You might feel that your nipples got erect while you are standing behind the shop or at any other place. This can happen at any time, but no need to worry at all because this is normal.

However, there are various reasons why your nipples get hard every time, and there are possible treatments too that can help you to overcome this issue. Yes, weather can also be one of the possible causes of hard nipples.

Moreover, hard nipples can be very painful for some of you. And you need to take care of regularly. Every person differs in terms of personality, body shape, body figure, etc. The same way every girl doesn’t have the same breast size or nipples. These things you need to understand properly first.

Both psychological and physical, the nerves in the nipple react to stimuli. Sometimes, you can become irritated with your hard nipples because it occurs in unexpected times.


Major Causes of Hard Nipples

There are some of the major causes of hard nipples and you must know this if you are suffering from the same issue.

Therefore, let’s not make you wait for any further, here are some of the possible causes of it,

  • Temperature:

A drop in temperature excites particular nerves in your nipples. One of the primary causes of nipple erection is cold weather.

Your nipple pops out in cold weather and some girls feel pain during hardening of the nipples. On the other hand, during the hot climate, your nipples usually don’t react.

  • Arousal:

Yes, arousal can also be the possible cause of hard nipples. Your nerves tell your muscles in the area to contract when you excite your nipples and this leads your nipples to become harder.

However, keep in mind that hard nipples are just a symptom of arousal. Your heart can also beat faster if you have these types of symptoms.

  • Breast Abscess:

The major signs of breast abscess are headache, nausea, lack of energy, muscle pain, fever, painful breast, etc.

When you have pierced or cracked nipples, bacteria enter from it and can cause breast abscess. However, this is one of the most painful situations that can trigger erect nipples.

  • Breastfeeding:

One of the major causes of breast tissue infections in mothers is breastfeeding. Erect nipples are crucial in breastfeeding because it helps your baby to suck milk quickly.

But if your nipple is soft then it can be difficult for your child while you are breastfeeding. Moreover, hard nipples can also be a sign of mastitis.

  • Postmenstrual Syndrome: 

Some of the symptoms of the postmenstrual syndrome are food cravings, acne flare-ups, constipation or diarrhea, low sex drive, cramps, headaches, lack of energy, feeling tired, bloating, muscle pain, etc.

During postmenstrual syndrome, you may experience changes to your mood, appetite, and behavior. These symptoms are on the other end day of menstruation.

  • Pregnancy:

Pregnancy and breast changes go hand in hand. There are several changes that you will feel when you become pregnant such as wavering hormones, blood supply, and many more.

Therefore, pregnancy can also be a major cause of hard nipples. During pregnancy, a yellowish and thick liquid such as colostrum can flow from your breast. Your breast will become tender and sensitive too. However, there are some more changes that you will feel during pregnancy.

  • Ovulation:

Ovulation varies from women to women. Keep in mind, not everyone is going to feel the same types of symptoms. One of the most possible cause for hard nipples is breast tenderness.

Increase libido, bloating, pelvic pain, light spotting, changes in your cervix’s position, and cervical fluid are the possible signs of ovulation.

  • Allergy:

Allergies are one of the prime causes of nipple hardness. You might be using products on your breast that can make it harder. Actually, nipple hardness is just a sign of sensitivity or allergy.

On the other hand, other symptoms can include rash, chapping, itching, redness, and many more. So, there is no need to worry at all. If you don’t want your nipples to become hard, then you must stop using those products that make your body parts sensitive.

The Final Thoughts

Therefore, these are the major causes of hard nipples. Moreover, for every cause, there is a possible treatment that you need to know to overcome this issue.

Your change in mood can also make your nipples hard. So, there are several reasons for hard nipples that differ from person to person. Your nipples can become hard at any time, and you can’t predict the exact situation. But this is normal and no need to worry at all. Just follow the above instructions and you will see a significant change in you.

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