Blog After Africa’s Ghana, Does Monkeypox Knock The Door Of India?

After Africa’s Ghana, Does Monkeypox Knock The Door Of India?

After the monkeypox outbreak in Ghana, does Monkeypox knock the door of India? Indian health officials confirmed the suspected cases of Monkeypox from Kerala. This is the biggest scary news; Monkeypox was knocking on the door of India. We all know how infectious and contagious monkeypox is.

The affected people’s relatives confirm that the deceased person has returned from the UAE. And for the last three days, he has been suffering from a high fever. And doctors suspect that this person has contracted monkeypox.

This is the first suspected monkeypox case in India. The affected person;’s age is just 22. He is also from Kerala’s Thrissur district. The senior health officials are confirming the case. The doctors treating this patient are ensuring the case symptoms are similar to Monkeypox.


Here are some of the symptoms of suspected monkeypox patients in Kerala.

  • The red marks look like a blister starting to appear on the overall body.
  • High fever.

The senior health officials were conforming and instructed not to panic till the medical results were published. But the symptoms are similar to Monkeypox symptoms. The patient was in the Isolated ward.

But the symptoms are also not similar to the full-blown monkeypox symptoms. But the Indian health ministry tells the people not to panic. There is also a chance of negative results. Thousands of cases reported are submitted across the world. But only five deaths are reported due to monkeypox.

There is also good news. The first Monkeypox-affected person from the Kollam district was discharged from the Government Medical College. A second monkeypox case is also recorded from Kannur. This is surely breathtaking news. After the Coronavirus, another epidemic like Covid 19 is knocking on the door of India with 138 core population.

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