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The Science Behind Professional Teeth Whitening

The change in tooth enamel color can be triggered by anything: beverages, food, genetics, environment, lack of dental care — practically anything.

However, when you opt for professional teeth whitening in Brickell, there is a science behind the process, filled with intriguing nuances that every patient should know. That’s why today, we’ve decided to talk about the science behind professional teeth whitening to shed light on how such treatment methods work and how to naturally restore the whiteness of your smile, even if it has lost its brilliance due to various factors.


How does the change in tooth color occur? Explained by a dentist in Brickell

The basic structure of a tooth consists of a hard and strong enamel layer on the outside. This is a mineralized substance beneath which lies the dentin. Within the dentin are canals that lead to the pulp. Understanding the tooth’s structure, you now realize that discoloration or changes in enamel color can occur due to external factors like food, beverages, etc.

It can also happen due to internal factors such as treatments, medication impact, aging, trauma, previous substandard fillings, etc. Therefore, it’s important to understand that no one blames the patient for enamel stains at a clinic, especially when you visit Brickell Dental. This is a common issue for many patients who are simply embarrassed to visit a dentist, as they believe it’s their fault. But that’s not always the case.

So, feel free to call or leave an inquiry with a dentist in downtown Miami. Meanwhile, we will explain the procedure to you.

Chemical Professional Enamel Whitening in the Clinic

Chemical Professional Enamel Whitening in the Clinic

The primary components used in teeth whitening in Miami are the bleaching agents. Typically, solutions are made either from carbamide peroxide or are based on hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide can penetrate deep into the enamel, even reaching the dentin.

This effectively removes external enamel stains and those caused by aging or medication. Therefore, professional treatment by dentist Brickell can enhance your smile, adding radiant whiteness, even if you haven’t believed it’s possible.

Even if you’ve tried at-home whitening, the solution in classic whitening strips found in supermarkets is not as potent and, unfortunately, has more side effects than treatment under the supervision of a doctor and in clinical conditions.

What Are The Benfits of Professional Teeth Whitening 

The markets are filled with professional teeth whitening solutions. They are indeed effective, which is why the popularity of these products keeps increasing. Here, we provide some of the benefits of these professional teeth  whitener. So, let us get started with the discussion here.

1. Improved Oral Health

The professional teeth whitening can assist you in providing a complete care solution to your teeth. It can help you make your teeth much brighter and healthier. At the same time, it can also help you reduce the risks of the cavity and some other oral issues.

2. Whiter and Brighter Smile 

One of the benefits that you are going to reap with the help of professional teeth whitening is the redemption from yellow stains. Continuously drinking coffee, smoking, and even eating some foods can help you with respite. It helps you have a brighter smile. 

 A bright and white smile is one of the core elements of a beautiful smile. If you have beautiful teeth, it can help you get the confidence you seek. This confidence allows you in your professional life’s journey.

3. They Are Time Savers 

Traditional teeth whitening is a long-term affair. It is like a journey. But the results are fantastic. But unlike the traditional one, professional teeth whitening is highly effective, and most importantly, it saves a lot of time. 

Whereas the conventional approach takes around six months, professional teeth whitening takes just a few weeks. Therefore, this methodology is highly time-saving.

4. Results Are Long Lasting 

With the help of professional teeth whitening, you can last for years after the night care. The reason for the longevity is that these whiteners use bleaching agents with high concentration. These teeth whitening kits are also suitable for at-home treatment. 

You also have home teeth whitening products, but the problem with them is that they do not last long. But if you take the help of specialized treatments like Zoom whitening, the effects can last upto around four years. You do not require special requirements. 

5. The Treatment Is Cost-effective

Another core advantage that you have with the professional whitening methodology cost effectiveness. The expenses on treatment are growing at a rapid pace. 

Using the strips, whitening toothpaste, and some other OCT products takes quite a long time; the results may not be that effective in terms of cost. Eventually, it is bound to increase with time. From this aspect, you can say that professional teeth whitening is less expensive, to say the least. 

6. Look Younger

Experts say that a whitening treatment helps bring out the natural smile. You can easily do well professionally when you are confident with your smile. Mostly, if you smile, the expressions make you look much younger. People indeed associate white teeth with a jovial nature.  

This is why today’s youth are spending their hard-earned money on treating the flaws in their teeth. The new methodology helps them out with all these benefits.

How Professional Whitening Agents Work?

As you’ve understood by now, the basis of the whitening mixture is substances capable of releasing oxygen molecules when in contact with tooth enamel. Oxygen ions released during the whitening process react with chromogens, which give teeth a gray or yellowish hue. In this chemical reaction, the concentration of chromogens in the enamel decreases.

Light or heat can serve as catalysts for this type of chemical reaction, so after applying the solution to the teeth, the doctor can use a specialized light or heat source to expedite and enhance the procedure’s effectiveness. This process not only happens during teeth whitening in Miami; it’s a conventional treatment scheme doctors adopt worldwide. The efficiency and painlessness of this methodology have made it truly popular, bringing beautiful and joyful smiles to thousands of patients.

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