Blog Top 10 Essential oils to lift your Moods ( Info-graphic )

Top 10 Essential oils to lift your Moods ( Info-graphic )

Do you ever notice the confidence you gain when you apply your favorite cologne or perfume? That smile that you put on your face when you inhale in the scent of the fresh flowers. That added wearily of the eyelids when you inhale lavender before going to bed?

These full effects are due to the significant impact that scents have on your mind. These natural extracts from barks, flowers, roots, and seeds induce a unique fragrance. It can also serve as a tool mood uplifting.

The reason being that the scent receptors connect with the limbic system in the brain that connects different aromas to emotions and memories. First times of encounter with the new scents, the system creates an association that ties it to a specific moment, event, or person. 

The benefits of essential oils  

Essential oils are a concentrate of individual plants. A lot of these plants benefits can be obtained when you take a couple of drops and add them to another specific carrier oil. Below are the benefits of these essential oils; 

1. Health skin irritations  

 The presence of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in some essential oils makes them useful in healing all kinds of skin irritations. Once you apply the oil on the skin, they get into the inner skin tissues promoting healing. 

2. Boost the immune system by preventing a particular illness  

Aromatherapy helps in improving the immune system. Since when you breathe in the essential oils, they enter the lungs and after that, get absorbed into the bloodstream. Also, the oils have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. These prevent specific ailments from developing. 

3. Pain and inflammation relief  

Aromatherapy reduces pain significantly. Since the oils great absorbed through the skin and eventually start reducing the pain. Also, some essential oils have the anti-inflammatory properties used in the reduction of inflammation and irritation. 

  4. Relaxation and sleep  


Aromatherapy is very vital in treating of Psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, and stress.  You can diffuse these oils in a hot bath, or apply them to the emotional trigger points such as the back of knees, elbows, behind ears and necks. 

5. sets a positive atmosphere and improves mood  


When you inhale in some essential oils, your brain gets a signal of certain emotions that leave you feeling hopeful, optimistic, and energized. Therefore, scents are potent stimuli that when they enter the mind, trigger intense emotional responses. 

Various essential oils that boost moods 

Essential oils not only make people happy, confident, or sleepy but also induce specific mental states such as love, focus, and awareness. There exist so many essential oils in the market, and figuring out what you need could be a challenge. 

There are also some choices that you need to make concerning how you use the essential oils to suit your needs. Do you prefer dispersing them into the surrounding or do you prefer wearing them like perfume? The choice is yours. 

This article thus focuses on how we can use the various essential oils in our daily environs. Make the most of our life enjoyment, boost our moods, and have that pleasant smell. 

1. Jasmine  


It is one of the most calming essential oils. Mainly used in massages due to its ability to enhance relieve tension and relaxation. Also, it soothes the nervous system, boosts self-confidence, restores energy, stimulates the respiratory system, and also uplifts a tired body. 

More so, when you inhale jasmine oil, it can ease a coughing spell promoting a deep sense of calm. You can add some six to seven drops into your diffuser and let it run for 20 minutes several times a day.  

Also, you can add a few drops of Jasmine on your hands or store it in a personal pendant diffuser. 

2. Peppermint


It is mainly used in boosting one’s mood, energy levels, and focus. The peppermint essential oil people use in reducing two side effects of high stress, headaches, and heart rates.  

You can choose to diffuse three drops of the oil in water for an hour up to three times a day.  Also, you can inhale the oil directly from the bottle. Always ensure to buy the oil from reputable sources to ensure pureness. 

3. Cinnamon  

Countless cultures have used cinnamon for everything. Be it in deserts, home decors, seasonal decorations, drinks, and even dinners. Also, it holds numerous mood-boosting properties. 

Cinnamon has aphrodisiac and tonic properties that bring soothing and warm sensations to the body. This arouses the senses due to its potent aroma. You can inhale it through the use of a water diffuser or add cinnamon to a pendant diffuser. 

4. Dill  


 Being a fragrant herb, it is usually a key ingredient in a variety of culinary. Also, it is an essential oil to use in easing emotions when one feels tired. It connects you to the earth with its grassy –pungent aroma.  

More so, it can be vital in relieving muscle tension. It has calming properties that can release tension in the shoulders and necks when you inhale them. It also has a side effect of reducing fears. You can always dilute the dill essential oil and carry it with you 

5. Frankincense 

People refer to it as the king of essential oils due to its countless benefits and increases energy and enhances mood. Likewise, it can stimulate your brain, thus controlling emotions, boost your energy, and relieve stress. 

6. Ylang –ylang  

Ylang-ylang originates from the Cananga tree and has amazingly uplifting qualities. This essential oil has found its way into the beauty industry. Also, it has a potent aroma that easily transports you from one emotive state to another. 

The scent of this oil can help in the relaxation of the body no matter the situation. Also, it can be essential in calming the body by easing anxiety and shock, calming a rapid heartbeat, and reducing blood pressure. 

Ylang-ylang possesses nervine and antispasmodic properties that research has proven to be effective in the reduction of panic attack occurrences. For those that fear flying, this can be a great travel companion. 

7. Black pepper  

Black pepper  

Whenever you want to enhance your moods or shift your attitude, do so by using the black pepper oil. It is one of the most popular essential oil worldwide. Be it in the tonic and digestive for the spleen it serves its best. 

More so, it is an antispasmodic that works as a suppressant for appetite. When you want to warm your body and get your internal body juices flowing, black pepper oil is a necessity. Being that it gets rids of chills faster and rouses the kidney. 

8. Rose  


The perennial flowering plant has taken its way into many beauty products and skincare. It is not only very sweet-smelling, but it also offers mood-boosting benefits. 

According to research by the complementary therapies in clinical practice, rose oil is proven to reduce increased depression scores. It similarly helps in the reduction of adrenaline hormone. 

Since the rose oil is mild, it can be used several times a day. Likewise, it can be significant in a warm bath. 


Are you feeling stressed, bored, have no energy or mood less? Above are some essential oils that can help to uplift your spirits, making you gain your usual self. Don’t hesitate; you can always try them but under precautions. 

Uplift Your Mood With Essential Oils ( Info-graphic )

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For more information about what kind of essential oils or EO recipes can uplift your mood. Check out this infographic, Up Lift Your Mood with Essential Oils. Brought to us by

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