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What are Push Up Leggings

Want to improve your body shape? If you want to get yourself some leggings that will give you a figure that really turns heads, there is nothing better than a pair of push up leggings. They’ve become hugely popular over the last few years, as they’re great for a slimmer looking figure and a firmer, rounder, sexier-looking bum.

At the moment these push up leggings are right on trend, and that’s why we want to take a closer look at what they actually are, and why you should get some.


Push-up Leggings: The Trend That’s Taking The World By Storm

push up leggings

We’re used to hearing about the push-up bras that give a natural lift and really enhance your cleavage for a great décolleté. But as well as making the boobs look better, lots of people want to improve that other important part of the body: the bum.

This is why push-up leggings have appeared on the scene in recent years and have been incredibly successful and popular with both women and men. They’re essentially the same as traditional leggings, but with one basic difference: their aim is to enhance the shape of your bum. To achieve this, sometimes cushioned pads are inserted into the garment, placed under the buttocks, and this padding helps to shape and lift.

But most of these push-up leggings are made from a thicker fabric that’s ideal for supporting and firming the buttocks. Furthermore, they have a special type of seam that gives a more rounded, eye-catching shape.

Currently, there is a wide range of push-up leggings on the market; we recommend choosing a model with some lycra in it, as the addition of lycra adds elasticity and makes for a more comfortable fit.

Tips on how to wear your push-up leggings

push up leggings

Now that you know what push-up leggings are, we’re going to end this article with some fashion tips that will make your trousers look spectacular:

1. Make sure you get the right size

It’s important to think carefully about the size you select so that the leggings you choose are really comfortable. Sometimes we buy a smaller size to make our bums look bigger, but this would be a mistake with these sorts of leggings. Choose the right size, and your bum will look perfect.

2. Wear high-heeled shoes

For a more shapely, well-defined bum, a good tip is to match your push-up leggings with a pair of shoes with nice high heels or wedges. The height has a slimming effect, and you’ll feel fantastic.

3. Combine with long T-shirts

Remember that leggings are not trousers, so a good way of enhancing your bum is by wearing a long T-shirt, but one that doesn’t completely cover this part of your body. You can adjust the length of your T-shirt with a belt, and this will really show off your bum to your best advantage.

So get yourself some push-up leggings and enjoy a slimmer, more shapely looking you, with a truly impressive bum!

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