Blog 4 Amazing Benefits Of Professional Earwax Removal

4 Amazing Benefits Of Professional Earwax Removal

Cleaning your ears will ensure that your hearing is healthy and unobstructed.

It will also help to prevent the buildup of excess wax that can lead to ear infections. Professional cleanings can be done with a rubber bulb syringe filled with warm water and then squeezed into the ear canal to loosen the wax.


Here Are Four Prime Advantages Of Professional Earwax Removal

 Advantages Of Professional Earwax Removal

1. Peace of Mind

When ear wax is allowed to build up, it can cause hearing loss, itchiness, dizziness, or balance problems. A professional earwax removal removes the blockage to alleviate those issues. Earwax (cerumen) is a natural part of the ear that serves an important role.

It works as a natural cleanser, removing dead skin cells from the ears and protecting the ear canal from germs. The earwax then dries and flakes away, usually ending up in the ear opening or draining out of the ear canal. Professional earwax removal is safe and effective for people with a perforated eardrum, a grommet in their eardrum, a cleft palate, or previous ear infections. During the procedure, your doctor may use a microscope to safely tease out the earwax or a tool with suction to suck it out.

2. Less Pain

Ear wax (cerumen) is designed to protect our ears from germs & debris, and it naturally falls out of our ear canals. While some earwax is good, too much can cause blockages and hearing loss. Ear wax removal should be done by professionals only. This includes avoiding home cleaning methods like cotton swabs or ear candles, which can lead to ear infections or even rupture your eardrum.

Professionals use various techniques to remove earwax, including irrigation and micro-suction. In this method, your doctor uses a thin nozzle to fit into the ear canal powered by suction to remove earwax. This is less invasive than irrigation and typically only lasts a few minutes. It is also more effective than the goopy and messy process of removing earwax at home with an over-the-counter irrigation kit or a syringe.

3. No More Irritation

Earwax serves a purpose in your ears, but when it builds up to the point where you notice reduced hearing or problems with your hearing aids, that’s a sign that it’s time to remove it. While you can try removing it yourself with earwax removal drops (like cerumenolytic solutions or saline) or irrigating your ears at home by flushing them with water or saline, these methods are not always effective and can push wax deeper into the ear canal, causing damage. Professional earwax removal is safe and comfortable.

An audiologist or ear, nose, and throat specialist will use a tool called a curet or ear ways pro to scrape away excess wax, or a micro-suction machine, which has a thin nozzle that fits into the ear canal and is powered by a suction device to dislodge and remove earwax safely. They may also use a video otoscope to examine the ear canal and eardrum closely.

4. Less Damage to Your Ears

Earwax is a healthy part of your body that helps accomplish several key goals, including keeping the ear canal lubricated, fighting off potentially harmful bacteria or fungi, and preventing dirt or debris from reaching and damaging the eardrum. It’s perfectly normal for everyone to make a little bit of earwax every day, and it naturally migrates out of the ear canal to the outer ear, where it can fall off.

It’s fine to clean the ear canal with a washcloth or cotton ball as often as necessary, but attempting to remove excess earwax on your own can make the problem worse. Using cotton swabs or other improvised methods to clear out earwax can cause the earwax to become impacted and even rupture the eardrum.

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