Blog 6 Signs You Need Professional Ear Cleaning

6 Signs You Need Professional Ear Cleaning

Keeping your ears clean is critical to preventing ear infections.

It also enables you to hear more clearly. Fortunately, the ears are self-cleaning. An ear can naturally free itself from debris and cerumen, also known as earwax. However, some instances necessitate professional cleaning.


Here Are Six Signs You Need Professional Ear Cleaning

Read on for six signs you need to visit an audiologist for professional ear cleaning.

1. You wear hearing aids

 wear hearing aids

Wearing aids is an excellent way to correct hearing loss. However, if you wear a hearing aid for an extended period, earwax and debris build up on the electric device. This is because as the earwax tries to fall out naturally, it is stopped by the devices plugged into your ears.

Consider having your ears cleaned by a professional if your hearing aids begin to whistle, as this indicates a wax buildup. Be sure to also seek professional ear cleaning if your job requires you to wear earplugs to avoid trapping earwax, which could lead to impaction.

2. Itchy ears

Excessive wax compromises your ear canal’s cleaning mechanism’s ability to remove debris, bacteria, and dust. This causes earwax and other unwanted substances to harden inside your ears. When the hard earwax collection presses against your nerves, it causes discomfort, pain, and itchiness within your ear canal.

Do not use q-tips if you experience discomfort or itchiness inside your ears, as this results in cotton swab hearing damage. Instead, contact a hearing care provider to help eliminate collected earwax through professional ear-cleaning techniques.

3. Loss of hearing

Loss of hearing

If you constantly ask those around you to repeat what they have said, you often crank up your tv volume or have difficulties following conversations; it could indicate you are suffering from hearing loss.

One of the leading causes of hearing loss is excessive earwax. This is especially common if you use q-tips to clean your ears. Ear swabs push wax deeper inside the ear canal, clogging it.

By scheduling professional ear cleaning, you could improve your hearing significantly. Contacting a hearing care provider for earwax removal can also help you establish whether other issues, such as infections and injuries, could be the reason for your hearing loss.

4. Tinnitus

Most people experience tinnitus, especially after exposure to a noisy environment. Tinnitus is associated with a ringing, buzzing, or roaring noise in the ear, which tends to go away on its own accord.

However, if you experience persistent tinnitus that compromises your mental health or causes you to lose sleep, contact an audiologist for professional ear cleaning. Sometimes, blockage or excessive wax in the ear canal results in tinnitus.

If your tinnitus persists even after professional ear cleaning, it may be time to consult a specialist. In Santa Monica, there are several clinics that specialize in tinnitus treatment. These clinics are staffed by experienced audiologists who can provide a range of treatments tailored to your specific needs. If you’re in the area, consider reaching out to a Tinnitus specialist Santa Monica for further assistance.

5. Hearing strange noises

Hearing strange noises

Earwax build-up does not solely result in hearing loss. It could also cause you to hear more noise. For this reason, you should consider scheduling professional ear cleaning if you hear sounds that those around you say they do not hear. Hearing strange sounds is often a sign of blocked ears.

6. Darker earwax

If you often use a dry or moist cloth to clean your ears, you may be familiar with the yellow color of earwax. If you notice that the earwax is darker than usual, it could signal more unwanted waste buildup inside your ear canal, and an audiologist could recommend professional wax removal.


Earwax buildup often results in hearing loss, leading to depression, cognitive decline, reduced quality of life, and social isolation. If you notice the above signs, schedule professional ear cleaning with an experienced and reputable audiologist to prevent hearing loss.

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