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Biggest Challenges for Seniors in the Society

Older people live much longer, beyond the 60s and 70s, due to improvements in medical technology and healthcare facilities. While you should thank the medical fraternity and almighty for that, it can bring some new problems.

You can understand the issues when you reach that stage of life. Although you start living longer, you become dependent on others for your basic needs.

Your physical resources start diminishing, and you also undergo senescence. It often leads to cellular degeneration, resulting in psychological, social, emotional, and biological issues. Some older adults may be too wealthy, with lots of support.

So, most of this subtly affects the incumbent. However, for others, it is a big issue. You will also find others’ ridicule achieving a prominent status at this stage. So, that is quite a handful.

Learn some of the most significant challenges seniors face with age.


1. Emotional Challenges in Old Age

Emotional Challenges in Old Age

As you age, mental health deteriorates. Anxiety, stress, severe cognitive impairment, and depression are the most common strikes problems. The most prevalent amongst the above in older adults is depression. It can lead to many problems in your social life.

In today’s world, most such problems are treatable. You can get consultation therapy from experts in mental health and counseling. However, there is an issue with under-reporting and delay in diagnosis.

Some additional factors apart from biological reasons lead to mental challenges. Widowhood is one of them. When you have been in a marital relationship for 20-30 years, and then your spouse expires, it can be an overwhelming situation to handle.

Loneliness also leads to emotional problems. During this time, your children leave home for work and have other responsibilities of adulthood. So, all of these together can make a mess of your emotional stature.

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2. Financial Troubles

You may be living longer, but retirement sets in the early 60s. That is something you cannot change, as it is the norm worldwide. So, even if you want to work to support yourself, your employer might not keep you.

They may be looking to recruit younger people with more enthusiasm and liveliness. While some of you may work on a retainer-ship basis at private offices, others may not be lucky due to health reasons.

If you have saved enough for retirement, you are in a better space. However, managing your finances at this age can be cumbersome.

Visiting banks, financial institutions, and brokers might take a toll on your physical health as well. Even conversing with online modes, you are more prone to online frauds and scams.

3. Physical Challenges

Physical Challenges

Health problems can break your spirit, even if you are a warrior by heart. According to the National Council on Aging, more than 92% of seniors suffer from some sort of chronic illness. Heart disease is one of the top diseases.

In addition to that, you will experience problems with blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. These are from the same family of diseases. If you have one, there are high chances that you will develop the others as well.

Most older adults look for opportunities to skip the water, an essential nutrient due to mobility issues. They want to refrain from using the toilet often. This can also lead to urinary tract issues. Moreover, dehydration may also set in.

Arthritis is another common and chronic issue. Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis are the most common ailments in old age. Vision problems like glaucoma and cataract cannot be ruled out either.

Wearing glasses is one way you can alleviate the same. You need to stay fit and fine by monitoring your health regularly. Go for checkups if necessary. This will help you manage problems better.

4. Mistreatment and Ridicule

This is a social problem that most seniors face. This is bound to happen when you are at the mercy of your children and family for daily chores and other tasks.

You might need assistance for some essential functions, like urinating, defecating, and eating. The situation becomes very overwhelming for your family at times.

It can take a more heinous turn, with your paid caregiver not responding the way he is supposed to. You may be subjected to different kinds of abuse – physical and mental.

Humiliation and neglect are also quite common. You need to have a close support group to report such issues. Laws are pretty stringent in such cases and will assist you, but you need to report.

If you want to stay healthy and active in your old age, the preparation should start a decade before. Sort out all your finances the moment you turn 50. You should also create your retirement funds. Eating a balanced diet and lots of exercise also helps in staying disease-free.

Abstain from smoking drinking, and stay away from other addictions. Ensure to become a part of some community or self-help group, so you can bank on them when some unlawful activity occurs. These should see you sail through.

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