Blog 1 Million Patients Suffer Data Exposure, 2nd Data Breach Hits Corewell.

1 Million Patients Suffer Data Exposure, 2nd Data Breach Hits Corewell.

A cybersecurity breach at HealthEC has left 1 million residents at Corewell Health helpless. The LLC is a population health management platform that provides services to Corewell Health. The news was shared by Attorney General Dana Nessel (Source: Michigan Department of Attorney General).  

The facility was availing services for the identification of high-risk patients to close gaps in the care. This was planned through recognition of barriers to care. The notice was also shared to the persons affected by HealthEC earlier this week.

The organization shared that not all the patients were affected similarly, however, the data that was breached includes important credentials.

These credentials are vulnerable and can be used to potential damage to patients such as name, address, Social Security number, date of birth and patient-related information.

This information can be used to easily acquire access to patient’s details and can be used against them in unimaginable ways.

The data that was compromised also includes patient’s medical record number, other related information such as their provider’s name, diagnosis, diagnosis code, mental and physical condition as well as the prescription information.

Health information is some of the most personal information we have,” the Attorney General said on the breach.  “Michigan residents have been subjected to a surge of healthcare-related data breaches and deserve robust protection. It is critical that the Michigan legislature join the many other states that require companies who experience a data breach to inform the Department of Attorney General immediately.

As a way to compensate, HealthEC is offering 12 months of credit monitoring and protection services through TransUnion.

The identity protection services information including the credit monitoring is said to be mailed to the patients who were affected by the breach.

Moreover, patients associated with Beaumont ACO were also impacted by the data breach as a result of their separate contract with HealthEC.

Those individuals will receive two separate notices as Corewell Health has announced the data to be similar.

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