Blog Teeth Gems Can Cause Damage To Dental Health, If Done At Home.

Teeth Gems Can Cause Damage To Dental Health, If Done At Home.

The accessories and gems inspired by the Y2K era have made a comeback after popular shows and artists included them in their looks. The tooth gems have taken the internet by storm and how! 

All your favorite celebs from Rihanna, ASAP Rocky, Hailey Beiber, Billie Eilish have been sporting these gems in the past year with the trend still going strong. Prosthodontists have been noticing a pattern in users. The rising popularity of the tooth gems can be custom-made to match the style of the wearer. 

However, the tricky part lies in the health implications. The reported dental implications were tooth enamel damage, tooth decay, gum inflammation and irritation. The most unique negative impact has been the change in speech and pronunciation. 

Gems that cover a large portion of the teeth are responsible for affecting speech and pronunciation. When used for a prolonged time, this can lead to a lisp. In addition, experts have reported on the rising cases of gum inflammation and enamel deterioration that have been coming for checkups. 

The prolonged use of the gems can lead to tooth sensitivity due to the erosion of the enamel. This can lead to a sharp pain in the tooth when consuming anything hot or cold. 

With the cost of fixing these gems onto the tooth, people are also opting for methods to DIY the process. As the application of these gems requires expertise, it is mandatory to get it done by someone who is a professional. 

Regular monitoring is also a factor that is not considered when the gems are applied at home. Following a proper oral hygiene routine ensures that you are not damaging your teeth and that the risk of any dental implication is mitigated. 

Lastly, experts opined that a qualified dental professional will be able to share advice on how to take care of the accessories as well as your teeth.

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