Blog New Diabetes Management Interventions Give Rise To New Hope For Patients.

New Diabetes Management Interventions Give Rise To New Hope For Patients.

38 million people in the United States have a diagnosis of diabetes. The recent studies have elaborated on the innovations and advancements in diabetic treatments.

These include high-tech insulin pumps, new legislation, and new medications (Source: Healthline).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that nearly 38 million people in the country are living with diabetes.

Around the world, this number increases to around 422 million – where they belong to either low- or middle-income countries. This was in a report by the World Health Organization.

In addition, nearly 98 million adults have pre-diabetes and report higher levels of blood sugar. This goes undetected as the levels are low for it to become an official diagnosis of diabetes.

Moroever, the rising number of cases of a rare autoimmune disease – type 1.5 diabetes – is even more concerning. This is because it cannot be treated through dietary or lifestyle changes.

However, the recent advancements in the field of diabetes management has led to solutions.

These solutions have been making headlines across news outlets and online news sites. One of the innovations focused on the effect of drugs approved for diabetes showing weight-loss effects for the patients.

An associate professor at the Division of Endocrinology at Columbia University highlighted the results of a trial that provided a breakthrough. He proceeded to say,

The SELECT trial (performed in overweight patients without diabetes) will pave the way for greater acceptance of obesity as a disease that requires treatment, not just a risk factor for diabetes and other metabolic conditions.

He went on to say that tirzepatide which was previously available as Mounajro has become the “best in class” for losing weight.

Another one of the innovations to look forward to in the new year for diabetic patients is the iLet ACE Pump and iLet Dosing Decision Software which can be combined with glucose monitoring for it to work as iLet Bionic Pancreas.

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