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Does Alcohol Cause Inflammation – Things To Know

Does alcohol cause inflammation?

Before we answer this question, here is why alcohol might be an issue.

Fermented beverages like alcohol will always be a part of human society. However, sometimes they can cause your immunity system to act out.

After all, alcohol consumption leads to your body accumulating pathogens. These pathogens are something that could harm the body, this in turn activates your immune system.

This anatomical action-reaction is similar to what happens when your body goes through inflammation.


Does alcohol cause inflammation? 

It is your body’s natural process when it detects pathogens. These pathogens could be in the form of bacteria, virus, and chemical irritants (this is what alcohol activates). The tissue around that around inflames, and triggers the body’s healing process.

Where does alcohol comes in?

Alcohol acts as one of the major catalysts for inflammation. The sudden surge of chemicals is triggering your body’s inflammatory response.

When you drink alcohol, your body metabolizes it into acetaldehyde. Now, it is a toxic chemical that causes oxidative stress, resulting in cell damage.

Acetaldehyde doesn’t stay in your body for a long time.

However, that short time is enough which could cause damage to several organs and tissues. These organs include but don’t limit to brains, kidney, liver, and the gastronomical track.

The Worst Effects Of Alcohol

Drinking these fermented drinks is a two-way sword. A little alcohol (if you do not suffer from alcoholism) can be helpful indeed! It can help you with Type 2 diabetes, and gallstones.

However, it can have even more adverse effect when you are drinking everyday. Especially when you drink everyday.

It is not just the inflammation, and the pain as the after math. In fact, sudden unhinged inflammation is certain organs can cause other issues.

These are to name a few:

Oxidative Stress

When you consume too much alcohol, your body produces excess of oxygen species called ROS. These species are meant to metabolize the toxicity of alcohol in the body, ensuring the least harm.

Unfortunately, these oxygen species leads to oxidative stress. That is, an excess of imbalance through free radicals in the body).

This can not only cause inflammation everyday, but also harm your body in the long run. Excessive Oxidative stress can lead to neurological disease, heart disease, and respiratory organ disease.

Suppressing Your Immune System

When you inject vaccine in your body, it almost creates its own disease to make the immune system stronger. In some ways, alcohol does the same when you drink it moderately occasionally.

However, frequent consumption puts excess strain in the immune system. Especially if you drink it everyday, and your immune system is having to fight the chemical toxin called Acetaldehyde.

This eventually weaken your immune system, making it more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses.

Deaths including COVID19 pandemic was at a surge among alcohol users, according to the top Medical reports (source).

Disturbing Your Gut

Our guts cannot be absolutely free from bacteria. In fact, everybody has good and bad bacteria. However, due to heavy alcohol consumption, some of these good bacteria dies, leading dysbiosis.

This would probably be the most fitting answer to does alcohol cause inflammation. This dysbiosis leads the bad bacteria in your gut to thrive, ans weakens the good bacteria.

Thus, lowering your gut inhibitions and leading your body to react through inflamation.

When this inflammation continues for days, this can cause an adverse effect in your bodies like autoimmune disease (because the body starts fighting its own cell), decrease of metabolism, neurological disease, and gastronomical track disease.

Chances Of Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning occurs when alcohol seeps into your blood stream. This can increase the chance of septicemia, which is an almost lethal disease.

When someone drinks alcohol everyday, it leads to gut inflammation more often than necessary. This inflammation thus, destroys the intestinal lining, almost thinning it.

Therefore, increasing the permeability of your intestines. Increasing the chance of alcohol streaming inside your body.

Not All Alcohol Cause Inflammation

Whenever we answer does alcohol causes inflammation?

The very next question that many ask is weather all alcohol causes inflammation.

You will be glad to know that there is one drink which will not cause inflammation when done modertaely. In fact, it will even help you with other dietary needs!

Yes, we are talking about the glass a wine which even doctors recommend. Red wine is one such fermented drink which has polyphenols—antioxidant.

Yes, they are indeed anti-inflammatory, and can help reduce it.

For example, if you are getting into heavy workout routine, inflammation due to protein synthesis in your body is common. You can take a nice glass of wine every night before sleeping to not wake with a sore body.

However, before we recommend a glass of wine for anyone, we would like a fair warning!

If anyone is suffering from alcoholism, and isn’t able to take control of your consumption. Do contact a alcohol rehabilitation help line today.

How To Know If Your Body Is Inflammed 

Have your been drinking heavily lately in the holiday spirits?

Or, have you been facing some discomfort in your body leading you to ask does alcohol cause inflammation?

Then here are some of the signs that yes it is the heavy consumption which is causing this anatomical discomfort.

Musclular ache: When your body sends all its healing agents to one part or organ this can cause some soreness and pain.

Joint Stiffness: Inflammation prevents the body’s flexibility since it is not at its most healthiest state. This is your body’s signal to stop moving since it is currently healing.

Anxiety & Depression: Inflammation can cause a surge of oxygen compounds in your body. Too much free radical can lead to an increase in heart palpitation.

For someone already suffering from anxiety disorder, this sudden surge of adrenaline can be worse.

Acid Reflux: Inflammation in your gut can lead to improper functioning of the digestive system, giving you acid reflux from indigestion.

A fair disclaimer: We at online health media are not experts. We have gathered our information from experts and perusal of research papers.

If you are facing any of the following issues, please consult a doctor and seek professional help regarding alcohol inflammation.

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