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Five Myths About Alcohol Addiction That Need Busting

Millions of us around the world like a tipple or two, and for the most part that’s perfectly fine. However, millions of people around the world suffer from alcohol addiction and in the USA alone almost 100,000 people die because of alcohol abuse each year.

Today, you’ll find thousands of people go through alcohol rehab each year, but that’s still only scratching the surface of the number of people who actually need it. One of the main problems is the myths that surround alcoholism, and they can be incredibly dangerous.

That’s why we’ve collated five of the most commonly believed myths that need busting once and for all…


You Need to Be Drinking Every Day to Be an Alcoholic

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be drinking every day to be considered an alcoholic. Even if you only drink heavily on the weekends, you can still be considered to be an alcoholic and have an unhealthy relationship with the substance.

You Can’t Become Addicted to Alcohol Without Drinking Large Amounts

People often mistakenly believe that it’s impossible to become addicted to alcohol without drinking large amounts. In reality, however, you can become addicted to alcohol even if you’re drinking small amounts regularly.

All Alcoholics Have the Same Symptoms

It’s a common misconception that all alcoholics have the same symptoms. In fact, there are many different signs of alcoholism, and each person will experience different symptoms. Some of the common symptoms include drinking more than intended, decreased participation in activities, and increased tolerance.

Quitting Cold Turkey Is the Best Way to Stop Drinking

Many people mistakenly believe that quitting “cold turkey” is the best way to stop drinking. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. For most people, quitting cold turkey can be difficult and even dangerous, as it can cause withdrawal symptoms and increase your chances of relapse.

You Can’t Recover From Alcoholism

Another common myth about alcohol addiction is that it’s impossible to recover from it. Fortunately, this isn’t true. While you will always be in recovery and an addict, with the proper support and treatment, it is possible to stay in recovery from alcoholism and live a sober, productive life.

Alcohol addiction is a serious issue, and understanding the myths surrounding it can help to reduce the stigma and provide support for those who need it. If you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism, remember that recovery is possible and there is help available.

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