Blog Extreme Heat Attracts Health Warnings In The U.S. And Europe

Extreme Heat Attracts Health Warnings In The U.S. And Europe

Extreme weather surrounds countries worldwide, with the United States and Asia suffering intensely. The United Nations warned that the intense heat wave could increase the risk of deaths due to the extreme weather. 

Parts of Europe already suffer from extreme heat, with temperatures reaching a whopping 47 degrees C or 116 F. The temperatures have dwindled between 40-47 degrees C (104 F to 116 F). 

The peak summer season around Europe, Asia, and the US is hampering the footfall of tourists. This is a peak tourist season when most people take a vacation. Last year alone, the death toll due to extreme heat waves was around 60,000. 

The high temperatures around several parts of the European Union forced its Emergency Response Coordination Centre to issue red alerts for high temperatures in Croatia, Spain, Montenegro, Herzegovina, Serbia, and southern Bosnia and Italy. 

The volunteers in Italy have been working tirelessly to protect the public from the heat wave. The Roman civil workers are monitoring the crowds for those in distress due to the extreme heat in the city, with Portugal also bearing the brunt of the heat waves. The Red Cross team has been investing in social media campaigns to warn people. 

The Greek volunteers have been involved in developing methods to protect the citizens from the fires that are starting due to the extreme heat. As part of their movement, they are handing out drinking water and reminders to use face masks in case of fires. 

Weather scientists have predicted that 2023 could go down as the hottest year due to the heat records being set worldwide.

Other effects of the extreme temperatures have been recorded as floods in South Korea and India, temperatures reaching 52 degrees C in parts of China, and wildfires recorded in the Swiss Alps to Greece.

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