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Top 9 Hair Care Tips Every Women Must Know

Looking and feeling good is essential to everyone, and knowing that every part of you looks fantastic when you leave the house is necessary. Your hair is a crucial element to how you feel, and when it is looking its best, then you feel confident and sexy. Healthy hair is a great feature to have, and if you understand your hair type, then it is easy to maintain. You Need a Solid Hair Care Tips.

A lot of women are struggling with having weak, thin, and dull hair. For many people, this has been a great struggle being a source of insecurity and even low –esteem; although dealing with these hair complications could be that hectic, there are a few tricks that you can always use daily.  

The good thing is that the articles describe some of the best ways you can use to achieve that thicker-looking hair without necessarily using the damaging curlers.  


Here Are Top 9 Hair Care Tips for you:

1. Twist your hair before you go to sleep

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The First hair care tips are Here Most of the women are using this trick to achieve that natural fuller lock without having to use the hair damaging curlers. Before you sleep, it could be ideal parting your virgin extensions hair into smaller sections, twisting them, and pinning them up. 

 You can then cover your hair with a sleeping cap to make sure that the pins are not coming off in the night. In the morning, you can always take off the pins, and you shall have that bouncier hair, especially at the ends.  

The ideal part is that you can always use this trick in boosting your hair texture in the morning, especially when you don’t have time at night. All you will need doing is blow-drying the hair while the pins are still in. Let the hair cool down before you could eventually make the pins out to reveal a fuller and more voluminous look.  

2. Applying a condition at the ends of your hair  

When you use a conditioner at the roots of the nose, this could weigh it down significantly. And when it gets to the sources adequately, it will make the hairs to become very flat and beautiful. And when you have thicker human hair extensions, apply a conditioner towards the ends of the nose to be able to build up texture at the top.  

3. Be a hair minimalist 

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When you have natural hair, avoid using too many products as this could weigh down your hair, especially when you have already thin strands. Make sure that you are, minimizing the number of products that you are using at least two. 

 You can consider using the heat protecting spray and dry shampoo that will guard your hair against damages. You can choose also adding some natural products like Gibson –honey infused hair oil. This is a product that could protect, strengthen, and even improve the texture of the hair.  

4. Apply conditioner to your hair before you shampoo it 

 Although this goes against the conventional hair wisdom, it is the best idea to always apply conditioners to your hair before washing it with shampoo. When you do this, it will help in the prevention of your hairs from getting too slick and soft at the ends. This will naturally add volume to the hair.  

5. Use mousse 

Most people tend to assume that this is an outdated product to use. However, this is one of the most viable ways to add texture to the thin hair. The hairstylists recommend that you pour only an egg-sized amount into your hands. Gently work it into the damp hair, starting with the roots moving towards the ends. You can then massage the hair with your palms to get fuller-looking hair.  

After that, you can then blow-dry your hair using your fingers raking through it, removing the water from the strands. Using a wide-tooth comb, you can then style your hair as desired, and it will dramatically bring a thicker finish.  

6. Don’t wash your hair every day 

Washing your hair daily will not only strip it of its natural moisture, but it could also cause it to become weaker, brittle, and even more beautiful. That is why most experts today recommend that you should not wash your hair every other day.  

It is recommended that for the natural curly hairs, you only shampoo it once and spray it on the days that you have not washed it.  

7. Tease your hair 

Instead of brushing the hair daily, it is recommended that you tease it with your fingers. Ensure that you tease it from one section to the next, starting from the roots to the tips. All you will need is holding the ends up with your other hands and making sure that you are spraying the roots as you go along to hold the volume created by the tease in place.  

When you complete teasing all your hair, you can finely brush the top section to hide the fact that you have taunted. Ensure that you are preserving the volume that is created underneath.  

8. Don’t Fear Using dry shampoo 

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When you use dry shampoo, this will help keep your hair feeling more fresh and clean. More so, this adds the grip and texture to the hair – the qualities that are essential prerequisites to building beautiful and voluminous hair.  

When you want to achieve the best results, ensure that you are spraying the shampoo before and after you have styled it for the day. Hold the bottle a distance from your hair to prevent it from forming a swathe of white dust on your hair.  

9. Add attachments 

When you try everything else, and they fail, you can then consider adding hair attachments. This will give your hair an instant boost. The good thing is that you do not even have to use many accessories to add texture to your hair.  

 You should stick to one attachment towards your head’s back. It will provide your hair with a natural-looking fullness and also add length to it.  

Additional Tricks on Hoe to Create Volume and Thickness for Hair that is thin 

  • Part your ponytail, attach a hair clip in the middle of it and then hide it with the top half of the ponytail to create a more voluminous looking ponytail. 
  • Part your hair in the middle and lift it from the roots. 
  • Secure only half your ponytail. Instead of tying your ponytail the usual way, try to separate the ponytail in two sections for the last wrap. The top part will give the ponytail a much fuller appearance and the bottom half provides with an added length. 
  • Do not brush your hair when it’s wet 
  • Blow-dry your hair upside down. 
  • Ask the hairdresser to cut additional layers into the hair because it adds a lot more volume and texture to your hair. 
  • Brush it with a wide-tooth comb instead of a regular hairbrush, or even tease it with your hands 


Your hair condition will always say who you are. Therefore, it should still look and feel best at all times. Healthy hairs will even identify with the beauty and attractiveness, and this is a condition that you seek to obtain.  

The first thing people will always look at when you meet them is your face, notice your eyes, your mouth, your features, and your hair. The condition of your hair reveals a lot about your personality and the kind of person you are.  

Many people are under the impression that you will need to wash your hair every day. However, this is bad. Some of the shampoos that you use in cleaning the hair have harsh chemicals in them that could strip your hair from its natural oils and minerals.  

 When you use the wrong ingredients on your home, your hair overtime will begin splitting and looking damaged. To avoid this from happening, you will need to trim it regularly. By having a little of the ends cut off, this will encourage its growth. More so, your hair will keep looking healthy.  

 As you can see, there are plenty of methods that you could use to make your hair look thicker, fuller, and healthier. The best part is that all these methods do not require the use of hair, damaging equipment, and products.  

 If you need reliable, voluminous, healthy, and shiny hair, you can choose to try these products. You will enjoy the results.  

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