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15 Effective Home Remedies for Dandruff

What most shames people is when you are to dress for interviews or dinner, and you need to scratch the scalp, and you know it is itchy and full of dandruff. Dandruff could end up following you for everybody to see.

The issue concerning dandruff has brought about many people from all over the world uniting to come up with a does not matter the gender, age, and race, dandruff is a threat that needs to be addressed. It is usually caused by fungi that feed on sebum and the dead skin cells that are prone to occurring when new skins form. 

This microbe is always a part of the skin, but this becomes more problematic, especially when the fungus starts to feed on sebum. When this happens, it breaks down into fatty acids that could be irritating to sensitive scalps. Usually, it is the main reason for dandruff and itchiness on the scalp. 

When one starts experiencing itchiness, then the dead skin starts to accumulate, thus forming visible dandruff. Dandruff will later develop into either acute or mild. 



Before you think of undergoing a dandruff treatment session, it is vital to know the symptoms of dandruff. Dandruff in teens and adults can always be easily spotted. The symptoms include possible itchy scalpy scalp and dead skin that dot your shoulders and hair. 

This condition usually worsens, especially during the winter. Because the indoor heating will always contribute to the dry skin, .and this will continuously improve during the summer season. 

However, in small babies, they can always be affected by the cradle cap dandruff. It usually causes a crusty, scaly scalp in the new-borns. This often to worry most parents but this kind of dandruff ca always clear on its own. 


Just as stated earlier, dandruff is a common disorder for the scalp. It happens mainly as a result of bacteria and fungi on the scalp. It originated from a dry, irritated and inflammatory skin. However, there could be other factors that could be triggering one to have dandruff; 

Irritated oily skin 

This condition is usually characterized by greasy, red skin covered with flaky yellow or white scales. It affects the scalp and other areas rich in oil glands such as the sides of your nose, breastbone, your groin area, your eyebrows, sometimes the armpits and even the sides of the nose. 

Not shampooing often enough  

When you don’t wash your hair frequently, the oils and the skin cells from your scalp can always build up and in the long run cause dandruff. 

A yeast-like fungus (Malassezia) 

On the scalps of most old adults, their lives Malassezia .it can cause the growth of more skin cells, which could cause irritation and itchiness on the scalp and thus dandruff forming. The extra skins cells will die and fall of making them appear as white and flaky in your hair and the shoulders. 

Dry skin  

When your skin is dry, it can cause smaller flakes than those from oily skins, which would cause dandruff. You can even find them on body parts such as the arms and legs.  

Sensitivity to hair care products  

At a time when your skin is susceptible to certain hair products, this could lead to the scalp becoming scaly, itchy and red. This could cause dandruff when they become more itchy and irritating. 

Home remedies for dandruff 

While dandruff can be embarrassing and confidence lowering conditions, they are widespread on many occasions. They mainly target the scalps of most people, both the old and the young. This thus calls for the need of coming up with treatments, especially the natural ones from our kitchen. 

Some of these remedies include:

1. White vinegar  

Not only does apple cider vinegar treat dandruff but also the white vinegar could be the most effective natural cure. The white vinegar has acetic acid that is important when it comes to stopping itching and the growth of fungi on the scalp.       

You can add a half a cup of the vinegar in your two cups of water. After shampooing your hair, you can then use the mixture on the scalp. Massage the mixture on the scalp for about ten minutes. Remember always to use a mild shampoo. 

When you use this on your hair at least twice a week, in two weeks, you can always trace the results. You can combine other ingredients like olive oil to ensure dandruff go away completely. 

2. Argan oil  

Argan oil  

Argan oil comes from the core of the argan tree. The trees origin is Morocco, but due to its importance’s it has found its way into hair and skin products. Ensure that you buy it freshly while it is still pure. 

Use this oil as a pre-bed therapy where you apply it on the scalp before going to bed. ensure that you massage the oil gently into the scalp. Overnight, it hydrates the scalp reducing dandruff on the scalp.  

More to this, the oil will always soften your hair and also making it look conditioned. When you use this oil, there is still no need for rinsing as the oil is lightweight and non-greasy.

You can then leave the oil on the scalp for the whole night. In the morning, you can choose to rinse the head with warm water. For effective result so this for about thrice a week. 

3. Baking soda 

Baking soda 

Baking soda has a lot of uses. It can be essential for the removal of excess oil and dead skin cells. It can also help in the reduction of fungi growth and even balance the ph. Levels of the scalp. Wet your hair first. Take a handful of the baking soda and rub it into the scalp.  

Leave it there for some minutes and wash it using warm water. Consider doing this at least twice for several weeks. When you use this ingredient, do not wash your hair using shampoo. 

4. Lemon juice 

Lemon juice 

Lemon juice is one of the best remedies for dandruff due to its antiseptic nature. Lemon juice is also essential as it can help in the balancing of the natural Ph. Levels of the scalp. The best time to use this ingredient is while you are in the shower. 

Squeeze the lemon juice on the scalp and then start massaging it evenly until it reaches the scalp. Once you get that nice feeling on the scalp, you can then begin to rinse off with cold water. When you leave the lemon juice in the hair and walk pout in the sun, this could lighten the hair.  

5. Neem oil  

Neem oil  

If you haven’t heard of the neem tree, then you have not heard of the most useful natural remedy for almost all ailments. The neem oil is extracted from the neem tree. It’s mainly perfect as it is a natural cure for dandruff and it is rich in fatty acids. 

Just the same way you use the coconut oil, you can massage the oil on your scalp. For more organic oil always consider buying neem oil from the local health stores. 

6. Switch shampoos  

You may have dandruff because of using some shampoos that could be accelerating. By switching the shampoo to a more suitable one that is geared for the dry scalp could be the best idea. The scalp can always get tired of using one same shampoo for a long time, especially when the properties in it are not sufficient. 

Using a different formula will always make the scalp and hair o respond differently to get the desired results. 

7. Fenugreek   


This is a kind of herb found in the form of seeds. These seeds have vitamin and Nicolson that helps in curing the symptoms of dandruff. You need to grind some of these seeds so that you can use them on your scalp and hair. 

You can combine these ground seeds with a cup of Greek yogurt. Apply this mixture and the scalp and massage it till it evenly spreads on the scalp. Let it stay on the scalp for about twenty minutes. Wash and rinse the hair. When you do this twice a week, you can always notice the difference. 

8. Avoid hair products with alcohol  

Getting rid of all hair products that have alcohol could be the best remedy for dandruff. Ensure that you go through your various hair products and confirm they are all alcohol-free since liquor could lead to your scalp drying.  

And when the skin dries, it could lead to the formation of dandruff. Look at the products with names such as SD, ethanol, propanol, and alcohol. Eliminate them among your hair products. 

9. Aspirin  


It is the top natural remedy for dandruff when it comes to exfoliation. It is due to the presence of the salicylic acid present in its contents. Crush two tablets of aspirin and mix them into the shampoo. Apply the mixture onto your scalp and massage evenly into the scalp. 

Wash the hair just the usual way. You are supposed to use this concoction twice a week. It is a cheap and effective remedy that guarantees you results. 

10. Tea tree oil  

Tea tree oil  

 Tea tree oil ranks top on the natural remedies for dandruff due to its antifungal properties. By applying this oil on your scalp, this will reduce the dandruff percentage significantly. You can add some drops of this oil into your shampoo and clean the hair with it. 

11. Daily hair cream        

Investing in the right hair cream is very important as this helps a lot when it comes to hydrating the scalp. When using these creams always make the application starting from the roots towards the tip every time you wash your hair. 

Stop overdoing it, just small amounts of this cream will always be right for the scalps. When you use too much, this could even worsen the situation as it could build up on the scalp. Just consider using the right amount at least thrice in a week. 

12. Garlic  


Garlic has antifungal properties that help in the elimination of the bacteria’s that cause dandruff. Take some garlic branches, add few drops of honey then mix the two in the right manner till it forms a paste.  

Apply the mixture on the scalp and have it well massaged on the scalp. Wash the hair in the usual manner just after ten minutes. Make sure that you repeat this procedure until you get the desired results. Ensure you use the paste till there is no dandruff or itching. 

13. Listerine 

This popular mouthwash can offer incredible benefits when it comes to treating dandruff. The key reason being that Listerine ha antiseptics, which are helpful when it comes to killing the fungus that could be causing dandruff. 

Mix some Listerine into the water and place it in a spray bottle. Use it as a pre-shower treatment by spraying the mixture on the scalp and letting it stay there for about twenty minutes. You can then rinse and shampoo your hair just the usual way.  

Ensure you are using the original Listerine, it is usually yellow .for desired results use it thrice per week. 

14. Yogurt  


The benefits of yogurt on the skin are very much. One key is that it helps in curing dandruff. This makes it a natural remedy. When using this method ensure you use the natural, sugar-free yogurt. 

You need to wet the hair first and then apply the yogurt on the scalp. Allow it to settle for about fifteen minutes and then wash the hair. Ensure to repeat this procedure twice every week until dandruff gets over. 

When you apply yogurt to the scalp, you will always realize the results within a few weeks. 

15. Coconut oil 

Coconut oil 

Oils from coconut are always termed as hydration. This makes them the best home remedy when it comes to dealing with dandruff. For effective results, it is ideal you purchase one hundred percent virgin oil. 

Since these oils have a wide range of benefits, you can consider buying the big jars. You can take one teaspoon of this oil, warm it up in your hands till it becomes liquid. Massage the oil directly onto the scalp for some time at least five minutes. 


Do you have dandruff on your head? This is one thing that could be that disturbing, especially when you have to attend to critical events. Dandruff can be that annoying, especially when you tried that hard stopping them with various products but no results. 

 There exist various home remedies for dandruff. The article above describes some of the solutions that could be effective in guarantying your results within the shortest time possible. What are you waiting for? If you have not started using these products yet try them out. 

They are the best and readily available. More so, they are cheap compared to the other products. Your scalp will stop itching and irritations, and you will be free from dandruff. 

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