Blog Four Million Health Data Stolen In The Country, MOVEit Hackers Hit IBM.

Four Million Health Data Stolen In The Country, MOVEit Hackers Hit IBM.

The US authorities have revealed that a massive data breach was carried out by the infamous MOVEit hackers. The suspected hack has affected IBM as it usually uses this application to store health and other sensitive medical data.

The HCPF data files of IBM are stored using this application, which was hacked into recently, leaving four million patients exposed to possible threats. 

The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) recently addressed the public with the revelation that IBM’s data was compromised due to a cybersecurity incident. However, the issue has not affected the department or any Colorado systems. 

The cybersecurity issue had affected users globally, which was concerning as the protected health information was at stake. An investigation was launched to comprehend the problem and the underlying cause of the incident. The analysis also looked into the possibility of the HCPF system being affected

By the end of the investigation, it was revealed that an unauthorized party accessed the HCPF files of IBM through the compromised MOVEit app. The files were said to contain information on the CHP+ and the Health First Colorado users. 

In addition, the information that the hackers possibly accessed included users’ names, medical information, social security number, and information related to the users’ health insurance. 

The impact was approximately over 4.1 million patients, which is alarming. However, the IT giant IBM is still to confirm if the mass hacks were responsible for the data breach. 

The US contracting services company Maximus confirmed that last month hackers were able to exploit the app’s vulnerability. With nearly eight to eleven million people being affected by the mass hacks. 

The health breach becomes the year’s most significant data breach in the healthcare sector, with an additional label of becoming the “most serious” breach of the MOVEit mass hacks. 

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