Blog Helpful Tips to Improve your Posture and Reduce Back Pain

Helpful Tips to Improve your Posture and Reduce Back Pain

Posture plays a crucial role in our life. Those individuals who keep a good posture have stronger bones, joints and hardly ever experience wear and tear of muscles. Sadly, in the present time, most of us experience pain in our bodies at some point in our life.

The reason behind this is our tiring routine and 24/7 desk jobs. Sitting on a chair for hours puts stress on your back and strains muscles. Therefore, a good posture is essential for avoiding back problems.

Whether you are driving, weight lifting, sleeping, or sitting down, correcting your posture is a must. Even a slight mistake could send your spine health down the drain. If the problem continues for a longer time, the anatomical characteristics of your back might change. However, the following simple tips can reduce back pain.


5 Ways to Reduce Back pain

5 Ways to Reduce Back pain

1. Avoid Slouching:

Slouching is the leading reason behind back pain. Most people slouch while working on their laptops or viewing videos on their phones. At first, it might not seem like a problem, but with time, the matter complicates.

Not keeping your head high takes a toll on your muscles and ligaments. Whenever a person slouches, pressure develops in his back and spine. This pressure causes muscles and joints to suffer.

In the long run, excessive slouching also causes your backbone to shift from its original position. Moreover, it pushes your organs further down in your body. If this happens, different organs like lungs might not perform efficiently.

Thus, avoid slouching at all times. It is an extremely unpleasant habit and dangerous for your health. The best way to prevent slouching is by keeping your chin up and shoulders straight.

2. Use Sitting Wedges:

Use Sitting Wedges

Individuals who sit straight experience much fewer back problems. Those who bend forward often complain of tightness in their body. Every experienced individual recommends others to concentrate on their sitting posture.

If you or your loved one can’t sit straight, try using sitting wedges. These specially designed seats position your body in a better way. You have a more upright and elevated posture.

Just like sitting wedges, there are wedge pillows available in the market. During the day, a sitting wedge will help you maintain a good posture, but at night wedge pillows provide extra comfort. From snoring to asthma and back pain, it helps with all kinds of health issues.

It is an ideal pillow to place under your knees or behind your back because it boosts blood circulation and helps distribute body pressure. Laptop users can save themselves from body pain by using these pillows under their devices. No matter how many hours you work, you won’t feel pain.

3. Correct Your Sleeping Posture:

Some people feel tired even after a long night’s sleep. They either feel pain in their neck or back. The reason behind this pain is their incorrect sleeping posture. You might have slept in a specific position that pressed your nerves resulting in back problems. For this purpose, it is mandatory to choose a firm mattress.

Over time your mattresses sag and lose their shape. Such mattresses cannot provide support to your back. So make sure that the bed you lie on is in a suitable condition.

Sometimes, placing a pillow under your body or between your legs helps reduce the problem. People who have a habit of sleeping on their side should use a pillow for their heads. It alleviates your head to the level of your spine.

Maintaining the natural curve of your spine is the only way to tackle and reduce back pain. Similarly, avoid sleeping on the stomach because it will cause your spine to change its natural shape.

4. Relax your Body:

Relax your Body:

Relaxing your nerves plays a significant role to reduce back pain. To get the best type of relaxation, perform meditation, yoga, or go for massage therapy. A good massage reduces pressure from your neck and back. Some people even opt for acupuncture to manage their pain. No matter what intensity of pain you might be suffering from, a detailed massage will help loosen your muscles.

5. Keep your Head up While on Your Phone:

Smartphones and gadgets add to the problem of back pain. Everyone is busy on their phones all the time and are constantly bending their neck to view the screens of their devices. It strains your spine and weakens your muscles.

With time you develop neck and back pain due to such activities. So every mobile phone user must lift their phones to the level of their eyes. Don’t bend your neck too much, or it may cause permanent damage. With a little care, you can save your neck muscles from unwanted harm. Keeping the head straight also improves your posture.

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