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Why Deep Tissue Massage is Helpful for Chronic Pains

Do you agonize from troublesome back pains that keep you awake at night, or make undertaking daily activities hard? Have you felt that shooting and sharp pain that comes on suddenly after you get an injury or accident? 

Then, Deep Tissue Massage may be what you want to let go of the aching. When you combine it with physical therapy then it is the most efficient in treating both acute and chronic back pains. 

Back pains are usually the result of lifting heavy objects that may lead to muscle straining. They might seem to be a small issue, but never ignore them as they may cause worse damages to the tissues beyond repair.  

Lower back pains are the key complainant among people especially those participating in athletics. Back pains can also be a result of poor posture, or due to a fall or stress from exercising. However, when you have a massage done, it can help loosen, strain, and realign the tight muscles. 

 Therefore, deep muscle massages like deep tissue massage and stretching are the most effective treatments for back pains. 


What is deep tissue massage and how does it work? 

Deep tissue massage involves the handling of the deep layers of the tissues in the body. That is fascia and other supportive tissues that help in making up the joints and muscles. Massages usually focus on major muscle groups. The lower back along with tendons and joints, the necks, and shoulders. 

Someone who is getting the deep tissue massage will always lay on their stomachs. Deep pressure is thus applied to the target muscle areas by a professional. The massage is done firmly and slowly. The message will then stimulate the flow of blood in the muscles relieving the muscle tension. 

Also, the massage will tend to lower the psychological. Thus it will release happy hormones like oxytocin and serotonin making one relax. 

During the massage, you should consider doing it on good tables that are comfortable. Also, ensure that you have all the necessary equipment like essential oils and towels. Always hire the services of an expert to get the best deep tissue massages as it involves certain techniques. 

Does deep tissue massage hurt? 

It gets to some point during the massage when one can feel some pain and the case the pain or soreness you are experiencing is beyond your comfort zone, it is always better to tell your therapist. 

Though, after some deep tissue massage, there is always the pain that one will experience. This pain should always diminish within a day or two. Some therapist does recommend the application of ice in the areas after the massage. 

Benefits of deep tissue massages

tissue massages

Deep tissue massage will offer both psychological and physical benefits. Different from the other massage techniques that focus on relaxation, deep tissue massage will help improving stiffness and treat muscle pains. Also, it can help you relax mentally. 

More so, the deep tissue massage can be beneficial in other ways that this article discusses below. 

Beneficial for athletes  

For most athletes who are going to the field to play, the best massage considered for them is always the sports massage. A massage was done before the event to warm their bodies for the provision of injuries. 

Nonetheless, deep tissue massage is always a key consideration also. It can help in healing muscle fatigue, injury treatment, and prevention and also improve lactate clearance. 

Helps in reducing muscle tension, anxiety, and stress 

muscle tension

Muscle tension and chronic stress are usually brought about due to inflammation. It can even worsen the health condition and the recovery time can always belong. Cardiovascular problems arise and the immune gets affected. 

Deep tissue massager handheld is really beneficial in lowering down the cortisol levels and boosting the production of hormones that soothe the body. The hormone; oxytocin helps in cooperating behaviors in humans. Also, the massager will help to improve relaxation by boosting the nervous system.

Treats chronic pains  

When it comes to treating chronic pains then the deep tissue massages are found to be the best. According to studies, a combination of cross-fiber strokes and oblique pressure are key in stimulating blood flow. This has proven to be of benefit in treating back pains. 

In the study, the massage was done for thirty minutes daily. In the long run, it was found out that the patient exposed an improvement in back pain. Therefore, this massage is more effective to reduce pain in patients with chronic symptoms. 

Decreases the scar tissue  

The deep tissue massage helps in recovering the scar tissues from will reduce muscle spasms and inflammation by stimulating the flow of blood and loosening muscles. Thus, this will allow more oxygen and thus help in reducing the nervous system stress. 

Since the toxins around the damaged tissue will increase swelling and pain, massage will give relief. It will reduce inflammation. 

It lowers high blood pressure

blood pressure

Deep tissue massage is effective on mean arterial, diastolic, and systolic, blood pressure in adults. It relieves the pain that accompanies the blood pressure. 

The massage will focus on the deep tissues and thus relaxing them.  This works in a way that the blood flow increases while the pressure decrease to the normal level. Also, it will help control the heart rate in people with high heart rates. 


Deep tissue massage is very beneficial in relieving muscle tensions, chronic pains, and acnes.  Chronic pains should not be bothered anymore, all you need is to hire services of experts and the massage will be a success. 

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