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Linalool Terpene and Aromatherapy

Believe it or not, linalool is a rather common fragrance that we have at least encountered once in our lifetime. The smell of subtle mint or lavender we can find in several products such as shampoo, cleaners, and essential oils are all thanks to linalool.

But did you know that, if done correctly, linalool can be used along with aromatherapy to increase your overall mental and physical well being?

For those who are looking into new forms to treat certain symptoms such as stress, muscular stiffness and pain, insomnia, and headaches, aromatherapy, and linalool terpene might be a great alternative.

For those wondering how they can improve your health, just keep reading for more detailed information! Now, let’s get right into it, and discuss the first, most important matter: Terpenes.


What Are Terpenes?


We can simply describe terpenes as the compounds found in plants that provide them with their aromatic characteristics, but they are more than that. Terpenes can somewhat affect a plant’s adaptative capabilities, and some fragrances are actually self-defense systems meant to keep predators away and attract pollinators for the sake of reproduction.

Terpenes are not only found in plants and flowers but in fruits as well. They are responsible for lemon’s and orange’s fragrances, for example. This article over here has more detailed information on the matter, and if you read it, you’ll see that they are actually hydrocarbons.

A lot of factors can influence the production of these compounds, and that is why some plants might not be able to grow in certain areas. Soil and climate are the most prominent factors, though.

Then, What is Linalool? 

Now, linalool is a specific type of terpene that is very common and commercially used all around the world, most of them used to produce pleasant aromas. More than 200 hundred plants can produce this terpene, and some of them include:

  • Mint
  • Laurel
  • Cinnamon
  • Rosewood
  • Citrus fruits like orange and lemon
  • Fungi
  • And many tropical plants

As mentioned in this article, linalool is used in a lot of hygiene products such as shampoos and soaps, but they are also applied in essential oils and cleaning products as well. It is mostly present in floral-scented products, though.

Linalool Terpene  and Aromatherapy

Linalool Terpene and Aromatherapy

Now, using essential oils and scented products to achieve health benefits is commonly known as aromatherapy. There are many ways to create these products, but they are mostly derived from plant extracts that are produced by different types of processes, some of them including steaming and pressing flowers to get these extracts.

Oils, specifically speaking, are creating by combining carrier oils with these extracts. A carrier oil dilutes the strength of the extracts from the plants, fruits, and flowers, making it more acceptable to the skin and our noses. This also provides a more usable product, instead of a small dose of extract.

Now, aromatherapy consists of using these oils and smells for the sake of achieving certain health benefits. Most of the time, though, aromatherapy finds its use along with other forms of treatment or therapy. For greater results, since it alone might not be as effective. With that said, some people have managed to get great results by using aromatherapy in certain day-to-day activities, such as taking a bath, reading, or sleeping.

Now, let’s discuss the actual benefits of aromatherapy.

Soothing and Relaxing Scents

Linalool Terpene and Aromatherapy

The main reason why people engage in aromatherapy is because of its capacity to calm down and reduce stress, as well as relax us both mentally and physically. Overall, it works as nature’s lullaby.

For those who really want to stop thinking about stressful circumstances and have a nice time, activities like meditating, taking a bath, reading, or getting a massage while enjoying the scent of linalool will work perfectly.

Pain Relief

Now, talking about massages… Using essential oils while taking a massage will further improve its efficiency, and also, help relieve muscular pain. A lot of people love using them for neck pain while getting a shoulder and neck massage, for example! You can cure headaches with scents, since most of the time, headaches are due to stress and anxiety.

They can also relieve skin irritation, but it depends entirely on the type of irritation you have. You should be careful about allergic reactions, so make sure to ask your medic whether you can use essential oil if you have an allergic reaction to something!

Sleeping Disorders

A lot of people, including me, like using linalool to relax just for the sake of improving their quality of sleep. I actually like to use it as a form of ritual for when I’m about to sleep. Before sleeping, I like to read something for about half an hour. Sometimes I gently massage my neck and shoulder with an oil.

After reading or using computer, phone, and any other form of electronic device, I try to sleep and focus my thoughts on my breath. I specifically try to focus my mind on my breath cycles while I enjoy the pleasant aroma. This has helped me a lot over the last couple of years!

How to Get the Most Out of Linalool

Try to always engage in an activity that is relaxing to you. And can physically or mentally make you feel better. Still, there are many ways to enjoy aromatherapy. Although, it can be hard to come by with methods and ways to do it. Some rituals like taking a bath while listening to soft music and drinking something can become better with scents!

Other things such as a massage or just lying on bed while listening to some ASMR can also help. Reading, watching a movie, or just mindlessly drinking some tea are good examples, too.

Just do what you do to relax, and that will be better with a pleasant smell in the background.

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