Blog Lower Sperm Count From Vaping, Study Suggests It Shrinks Men’s Testicles.

Lower Sperm Count From Vaping, Study Suggests It Shrinks Men’s Testicles.

Scientists sent out a warning about the lower sperm count in men due to vaping. The study found other effects on sexual health such as lowered libido, and testicles shrinking.

Male rats were the subjects in this Turkish research where they were tested on the exposure to the smoke from e-cigarettes.

The study examined the rat testicles under a microscope and the amount of sperm that could be produced. Their blood and genitals were also tested for markers of stress. The regular use of traditional cigarettes was far worse for them with male infertility increasing.

Additionally, the smoke from regular cigarettes causes morphological changes to the testicles as well as increases oxidative stress. The authors of the study shared that these effects were also seen with the use of e-cigarettes. The anomaly was observed in previous studies, where the liquid in e-cigarettes was considered harmless.

However, a lowering in sperm count and the disruption of sexual function were noted in the study conducted in Turkey. The percentage of smoking and vaping in America is prevalent in studies.

The recent evidence suggested that over the past decade, the number of smokers has gone down, with people opting for vaping. This was due to the awareness of the ill effects of smoking. The study emphasized that the rate of sperm concentration has been falling worldwide within the last decade.

However,  the replicability of the study is hard to judge on humans due to the subject- rats. There are differences in these two species which do not warrant an exact effect on humans as male rats. Conclusive evidence was found in 2020 by researchers in Denmark where 2000 men participated.

The vape-smoking participants were shown to have lower sperm counts than non-smokers. The toxic chemicals in vapes added as flavorings were associated with the motility and density of the sperms.

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