Blog Lu 177 Therapy For Men With Prostate Cancer

Lu 177 Therapy For Men With Prostate Cancer

Lu 177 therapy is becoming a popular choice among men suffering from prostate cancer. Over the last few years, it has been seen that in many patients, Lu-177 treatment has reduced the size of the tumor.

Men who have gone through radical prostatectomy or radiotherapy but have not seen results. They go for lu 177 therapy in Germany as their last treatment.

Yes, the therapy involves exposing your cell to beta radiation, which can damage healthy cells. However, with controlled exposure to only cancer cells, the patient can damage the prostate cancer cell and eventually kill it.

This therapy is not yet part of a clinical routine. Yet, many patients have seen positive outcomes under this treatment.

For many, Lu-177 is an unknown treatment. But, this is the reason why we are here. Today, we will discuss Lu 177 therapy and see how it works. We will also try to determine whether it is safe for your body.


What Causes Prostate Cancer?

Prostate Cancer

Before we proceed with the treatment, it is important to know what prostate cancer is and how it is caused.

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men above 50 years old. However, researchers have yet to find any concrete evidence as to the reason behind it.

Without any concrete evidence, experts believe that it is perhaps because of the DNA change as a man ages and their lifestyle that causes prostate cancer.

When caught early, prostate cancer is curable with simple treatment methods.

Sign of a man suffering from prostate cancer.

  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Urinary dysfunction.
  • Loss of fertility.
  • Compromised organ function.
  • Bowel dysfunction.

Lutetium – 177 Therapy

Lutetium-177 therapy, or Lu 177 therapy, is a therapy that combines therapeutic processes and diagnostics. As there are two approaches combined, experts call it Theranostic.

Theranostic treatment is rare, and only a select few medical centers offer the treatment. However, theranostic treatment is probably the last resort for a person who is suffering from prostate cancer.

Before taking Lu 177 therapy, the patient has already exhausted all their options.

Most types of prostate cancer produce high levels of PSMA (Prostate-specific membrane antigen). It is only in the rare case that 5-10 % of people suffering from prostate cancer do not produce PSMA.

Prior to Lu-177 treatment, a diagnostic scan is performed to ensure other healthy cells are not damaged during the treatment process.

How Does Lu 177 Therapy Work?

PSMA is a type of protein that is expressed on the surface of the prostate cell membrane. It is believed that they have several cellular functions.

When prostate cells are healthy, they produce low levels of PSMA. However, when a person suffers from prostate cancer, the prostate cell produces high PSMA. Often 1000 times more than a normal prostate cell.

If the prostate cancer cell spreads to the other areas of the body. You will find that PSMA has also spread to those areas.

Doctors use the excessive production of the PSMA to treat cancer. As we all know that Lu-177 is a reading-based treatment. Experts use this treatment to attach a molecule to the PSMA receptor located on the cancer cell.

Lu-177 emits beta radiation that targets cancer cells and kills them.The whole process can take multiple exposures, depending on the canceled cells.

The reason why experts use PSMA receptors is that using them can be precise as the Lutetium binds itself with the PSMA. This act of targeting the cancer is often known as PRRT – Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy.

Is Lu 177 Therapy Safe?

Lu 177 Therapy Safe

The radiation used in Lu-177 is designed to target only the cancer cells. With the help of theranostics, individuals get personalized treatment. This helps the experts pinpoint the cancer cells and their metastasis. During the therapy, it is ensured that the whole body is not exposed to radiation.

Before the treatment starts, blood tests will be performed to ensure your healthy tissue is not damaged. In addition, experts also perform imaging tests to ensure that the radiation is absorbed by the cancer cell correctly.

However, there are a few side effects that you might experience.

  • You might feel tired for no reason.
  • Your mouth will feel dry.
  • Your red blood cell count might drop a little.

When To Consider This Treatment?

Lu-177 is the form of therapy that is only used on men suffering from prostate cancer. If a person is going for the Lu 177 therapy, it means that they have exhausted all other treatment options, and this is the last one.

Lu-177 therapy has proven itself to be an effective therapy against metastatic prostate cancer. According to experts, nearly all types of prostate cancer will produce excessive PSMA.

However, before any treatment starts, a diagnostic scan is performed to ensure that the radiation from the Lu-177 targets the right cells.

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