Blog Obamacare Sees A Rise In Enrollment: More Than 15 Million People Sign Up!

Obamacare Sees A Rise In Enrollment: More Than 15 Million People Sign Up!

This time last year, the number of people signing up for health insurance plans saw a 33% rise this year. The Obamacare insurance plan saw more than 15 million people signing up.

The federal health officials are projecting more than 19 million to enroll in the 2024 coverage, by the end of the current period (Source: NY Times). 

The health and human services secretary, Xavier Becerra said in a statement-

It means more Americans have the peace of mind of knowing that going to the doctor won’t empty their bank account.

The former president, who is also the front-runner of the 2024 Republican presidential nomination said that he is looking at alternatives to the Affordable Care Act.

With the recent rise in the enrollment of the health insurance plans, it is a proof of the enduring power of law. 

The director of KFF, a nonprofit health policy research group, a Program on the Affordable Care Act shared

More and more people are realizing they can come onto the marketplace. Just because the A.C.A. has been around for a while doesn’t mean people who need to sign up for it know how to do that.

The deadline to sign up for the coverage that begins from January, 2024, was 15th December, 2023. The single-day total was nearly 750,000, which showed the largest marketplace plan to which people signed up for. 

It is important to provide people with the necessary support so that they can get the appropriate care necessary for their wellbeing.

The outreach campaign in efforts to improve enrollment were helpful in improving people on the importance of healthcare and medicaid. 

The open-enrollment process will continue till 17th January, 5 a.m. Eastern time on the site.

The Biden Administration is also taking steps to encourage people signing up on so that they continue shopping for the plans. This is to help them find a better and “more affordable” option. 

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