Blog Eris Has Been Present In India Since May, UK Reports Rising Number Of Covid Cases.

Eris Has Been Present In India Since May, UK Reports Rising Number Of Covid Cases.

A new Omicron variant has been doing the rounds in the UK, with fresh cases recorded to be 109. Concerns regarding the increasing cases have triggered a health alert across the country. The cases have been increasing rapidly such that a surge in cases led to its official recognition as a threat.

The sub-variant is nicknamed ‘Eris,’ a substrain of Omicron XBB 1.9, unable to dominate the cases in India. The sub-variant has been present in the Indian subcontinent since May, contributing to cases mainly in Mumbai and Pune.

The cases have been reaching the 100s limit on the British terrain, whereas the Indian cases have been limited to 50 or less. Senior officials contacted regarding the alarming rise in cases said there is no need to panic.

As the situation can be brought under control with a few precautions. However, doctors have been keeping a close watch on the admissions to the hospital.

The situation is said to be monitored for a week before they consider it an increase in the cases. As the respiratory infections increase during June – September, the recent rise in cases is justified by this.

The situation in India is still under control. However, there has been a Covid-related death in Pune, with at least 10 cases reported within the city over the last 15 days. The symptoms are similar to the flu, which has made it difficult for doctors to recognize it as a Covid-related infection.

The age group that has been affected mainly by the sub-variant was found to be older people or those who had severe comorbidity. The secretary-general of the Organized Medicine Academic Guild explained that the effect of the vaccine will eventually wane.

However, as the memory immune cells are protecting the individuals, the rise in hospitalization has not been controlled in India.

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