Blog Do You Still Doubt The Effectiveness Of Online Therapy Sessions?

Do You Still Doubt The Effectiveness Of Online Therapy Sessions?

If you take a retrospective glance at the past year, you will find it dominated by negative news.

There were millions of people all over the world who were experiencing extreme levels of grief due to unemployment, loneliness, and boredom. All these have had a severe impact on our state of mind, giving a sudden boost to anxiety. depression, alcoholism, and deteriorating psychological health.

If you have to combat all these mental health issues, it is important to seek the help of a counselor to get access to proper treatment. Are you someone who is still doubtful about the effective nature of video counseling? Do you still believe in the old-school method of meeting your counselor and sitting in front of him for a session? Let’s check out the advantages of opting for video counseling.


Online counseling is as effective as offline

There have been several researchers that reveal that online therapy is as successful as offline for all sorts of mental health issues. A journal also found out that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is equally effective as in-person therapy for treating diseases like depression and anxiety.

CBT is also considered a successful therapy for treating social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and general anxiety disorder. Online video counseling sessions can also alleviate issues like gambling and drug abuse.

Easily accessible to people with physical problems

If you have someone physically disabled at home who is in dire need of counseling, online therapy is probably the best option for him. Physical immobility often becomes a challenge in going out and seeking the help of an offline counselor. This is why people with physical deformities can benefit from online counselors.

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Online counseling

A better option for people in remote locations

Those who reside in rural areas often find it impossible to travel to cities and towns in order to get medical help. There are not many mental health counselors working in remote areas. But if you can manage to receive proper treatment from an online counselor, this is certainly or more convenient option than commuting long distances. 

Affordable and convenient 

It goes without mentioning that online video counseling is more convenient and affordable than its offline counterpart.  You just need a smartphone and a strong internet connection to connect yourself with your online counselor.

The entire process can be completed from the comfort of your own home and you can also schedule the video sessions according to your household chores and other tasks. In fact, there are several states that are on their way to making insurance providers cover the cost of online therapy. You can get in touch with your insurance company to know whether or not they cover e-therapy treatment.

Thanks to the internet mental health issues and their solutions have become more approachable. Nowadays people feel comfortable talking to strangers about their physical health issues. Online access has made it easier to fight against the stigma that was attached to mental health problems.

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