Blog Everything You Should Know About Provitalize In 2023

Everything You Should Know About Provitalize In 2023

The metabolism decreases as the age of women increases every year. Weight management becomes difficult. Therefore, consuming Provitalize can effectively help in weight management by assisting women in managing menopausal symptoms.

An optimized probiotic formula, Provitalize, is designed for better weight management, digestive function, and gut health in menopause. There are several plant extracts present in Provitalize that help women to manage the sudden bloating they experience in menopause.

In menopause, women experience different symptoms, such as night sweats, mood swings, weight gain, hot flashes, decreased sex drive, and difficulty sleeping. The probiotic supplement Provitalize helps manage to bloat, eases hot flashes, increases energy levels, and aids sleep.

Based on the reviews on Trustpilot, Better Body Co. has good ratings. Many customers of Better Body Co. have rated the company 4.1 out of 5, thus, stating that their claims about Provitalize are true. One claim the brand makes, which has no evidence, is that Provitalize is a thermogenic probiotic.

According to Better Body Co., Provitalize generates heat in the gut to burn fat, improving weight management and increasing metabolism and calorie absorption. However, there is no such research or evidence to prove from the company’s point of view.


Everything You Should Know About Provitalize In 2023!  

Everything You Should Know About Provitalize In 2023

The product Provitalize is manufactured by Better Body Co., an American-based wellness brand focusing on manufacturing supplements. Their focus is on menopause, and women are helped to manage weight, digestion, and metabolism better.

Other products manufactured by the company are inergyPLUS, Previtalize, and inergySLEEP. Apart from a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet and regular exercise, intake of a common probiotic supplement will help you lose weight faster in your menopause.

The official site provides a list of ingredients used in manufacturing Provitalize. The unique formula and the natural ingredients help effectively manage menopausal symptoms. They have maintained complete transparency regarding the components and impact duration.

What Is Provitalize?  

What is Provitalize

Provitalize is a blend that helps women control weight in their menopausal stage. It is a probiotic that will regulate intestinal flora and restore the balance of gut bacteria. The plant extracts in Provitalize probiotics help enhance thermogenesis and regulate cholesterol and blood sugar.

The probiotic should be consumed in 2 doses which can be taken together. So you can take 2 pills every morning before or after breakfast. In one bottle, there are 60 capsules. Hence, one bottle goes on for 30 days.

The symptoms observed during menopause are due to low estrogen leading to weight accumulation in the abdomen area. This further impacts the quality of sleep, metabolism, and muscle tone of menopausal women.

The product is available in a bottle for $49, which will go on for a month. You will have to pay $98 for two bottles, and for 3, you will pay $120. For orders of more than one bottle, the company provides free shipping within the U.S. and a free cookbook. Money back guarantee applies to all purchases.



The provitalize ingredients include a probiotic blend of L.gasseri, B. lactis, and B. breve. The probiotic B. lactis can be found in the intestine, contributing to acetic acid and lactic acid production. L.gasseri is produced naturally in the intestines and the urinary tract, which helps in increasing immunity and helps in fat loss. B. breve is a probiotic found in the intestines which also manages weight loss.

  • Turmeric root extract will boost thermogenesis because it is a natural stimulant.
  • Curry leaf extract, which is put into South Indian delicacies, is a herb that contributes to decreasing cholesterol and blood glucose levels.
  • Black pepper is another spice added to food and a bioavailability enhancer. It helps in ingredient absorption.
  • Moringa leaf extract has been used in traditional medicine and is known to have antioxidants. It regulates blood pressure and blood sugar.
  • Lecithin is a compound extracted from sunflower plants known to improve liver function and neural complexity.

Benefits of Provitalize  

Does provitalize work? Yes, it does. The probiotic is a high-quality product with all-natural elements contributing to effectively managing weight and regulating blood sugar and pressure.

The company creates a ninety-day cycle; hence, if you are unsatisfied or do not see any impact, you can inform the company. They have given a guarantee of you getting your money back.

It does boost the immune system of the body in menopause and creates more energy. The body’s metabolism rate also soars once you start taking the probiotic. There are mild side effects; however, they vary among consumers and accordingly impact them.

Side-effects of Provitalize  

Side-effects of Provitalize

The question is Provitalized safe is justified. Especially if you are trying to start a subscription. There are no severe complaints; however, some issues exist, such as a little bit on the expensive side, compulsory subscription, and no third-party testing.

Certain reviews say that it takes time to lose weight. You might also experience mild bloating in the initial days. It is standard, considering if a drug or supplement makes you lose weight really fast, then it is not good.



Alternatives that can also be used instead of Provitalize if you are looking for more home-based solutions are essential oils, soy, Red clover, Black cohosh, and vitamins.

  • Black cohosh is a herb that helps in relieving hot flashes during menopause.
  • Soy isoflavones help women in both perimenopausal and postmenopausal women by assisting them in managing menopausal symptoms.
  • Essential oils help in curing fatigue and treating sexual dysfunction. Mood swings and hot flashes are also resolved through essential oils.
  • Red clover helps reduce menopausal impact by taking it as a supplement or herbal tea.



In pro vitalize reviews on Amazon, mostly all responses are positive. Many are informed that gynecologists are also recommending this supplement. It helps with the symptoms of menopause, including mood swings, hot flashes, and weight games. However, some reviews are also about gaining weight.


Read the article to learn about the ingredients of Provitalize and how it might impact your body after menopause. You will also see the other benefits of the product and accordingly can suggest someone you know who might need it.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about these product reviews and if you want to try them.

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