Blog Puberty Blockers Replacing Toys And Cartoon For Children: Precocious Puberty

Puberty Blockers Replacing Toys And Cartoon For Children: Precocious Puberty

Precocious puberty- if these two words do not send a chill down your spine, you probably do not have a growing child at home.

The latest concern in the medical sector is the rise in the number of children showing signs of puberty before the average age.

Parents with children around the age of puberty (teenagers or pre-teens) are concerned. Believably so, as children as young as under 10 years old are showing signs of needing a bra or needing a rundown on how to use sanitary napkins or tampons.

Usually a teenager would hit puberty. Nowadays, the signs of puberty are seen to begin at younger ages. With the children in Black communities contributing to the highest number of precocious puberty cases, doctors are concerned (Source: NBC News).

They are saying there is a need for great awareness and educating the families on recognizing the signs. This will ensure that they are ready to access appropriate diagnosis and medical care.

There exist biases in puberty care that have been recognized in a recent study published in 2022. The study highlighted the bias that exists in providing appropriate care – especially for Black children.

Their emotional and physical health suffers tremendously due to the lack of appropriate care.

Although … race-based medicine is faulty and detrimental, its eradication from everyday practice remains a challenge,

is what pediatricians from the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University had to say.

As per the 2020 analysis of global data, the average age of puberty onset is decreasing every decade. From puberty starting during the teens, the age now stands at even younger than 8 years.

Lastly, it was shown that boys may develop precocious puberty at younger than 9 years or girls before 8 years.

This sudden onset of puberty before the “usual age” can have detrimental effects on their physical as well as mental development.  

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