Blog Redness In Eyes…Is India Heading Towards Another Epidemic?

Redness In Eyes…Is India Heading Towards Another Epidemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic that was just announced to have been over as a health emergency has probably reincarnated as a new epidemic! Heard your friends, co-workers, or relatives complain about redness in their eyes and they were treating it like conjunctivitis? 

This new wave of eye conditions, which has already affected hundreds of people in India, is a viral influenza that has gained traction after heavy rainfall and floods. 

The capital region has recorded at least 100 cases every day, which has increased after the recent floods and monsoon. Doctors call it a type of Covid epidemic due to the microorganism responsible for the condition. 

“This viral infection is usually witnessed during the monsoon period every year which has seen an increase of 20-25% this year,” shared a doctor from the NCR. 

“I saw redness in my eyes one evening after returning from work but did not pay much attention as I had just washed my face..” said Suzanne Gomez, a corporate lawyer in Delhi. “..the redness did not go away for the next couple of hours which raised concerns.” 

The symptoms of conjunctivitis include redness, itching, swelling, and watery eyes, which a sticky discharge may accompany. Another affected person shared that they experienced  “severe itching and a burning sensation..” which made them concerned about their health. 

“At least five of my co-workers were affected one after the other..” shared Nikkie Gonsalvez, “apparently they had shared an eye drop. I believe that was the point of contact which spread the virus.” The nature of this viral infection is that it can quickly spread through direct contact, as shared by Nikkie. 

The preventative measure for this infection has been illustrated to be following good hand hygiene, avoiding touching the eyes with dirty hands, isolating infected individuals, and frequently disinfecting surfaces.

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