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How to Treat a Yeast Infection in Adult Males

Yeast infections are commonly thought to be women’s health issues.  But then the yeast infection known as thrush caused by Candida albicans fungus affects the men too. Thrush can develop in the genitals, skin, throat, and mouth.  

When this infection affects the men, if left unattended to it could cause other uncomfortable, embarrassing painful symptoms. And when the infection finds its ways into the bloodstream, this could turn out to be a great disaster. 

In most cases over the counter drugs can help in the elimination of the yeast infection. But when the case is very much severe, then the only solution will be finding the root cause of the problem and stopping it. 


What are the causes of Candidal Balanitis in Men? 

Balanitis refers to the infection of the head of the glans or penis. Following a research report in 2010, candida yeasts were responsible for about 30-35% of all the causes of balanitis. 

Candida comes in various species, the candida Albicans lives in gastrointestinal and warm areas of the body without causing any illness.  However, when these species multiply into large numbers they can cause serious issues. Most women struggle with candida and even never experience the symptoms. 

Just the same way in women, candida will colonize the genitals of about 14-18% men who do not have any symptoms of balanitis. Penile yeast infection can be sexually transmitted. However, Candidal balanitis is not a sexually transmitted disease since some men can just get the infection without any intimacy with a female partner. 

There will always be other factors that can help increase the risk of yeast infection in men. They include; 

  • Diabetes mellitus 
  • Some antibiotics that end up killing the “good” bacteria and increase the number of candida’s 
  • Corticosteroids 
  • Poor hygiene of the penis 
  • HIV or immune-suppressing illnesses 

In addition to this, being uncircumcised could cause this condition to worsen. Also, when you wash the foreskin with shower gels and perfumed soaps could cause an irritation on the skin thus multiplying the candida. 

More so, when we finish taking a shower failure to dry up the genitals could provide a moist, warm environment for the growth of yeast. 

Symptoms of a Yeast Infection in Men 

The early symptoms of the yeast infection in men include white and shiny patches on the penis, red rash. Since the penis skin is usually moist, you will always find some thick formations of white substances under the foreskin. 

Itching and burning could also be common on the penis. When you experience penis pain, redness and itchiness this could be signs of even serious conditions. Always consult the services of the doctor once you start experiencing these signs for diagnosis. 

The most effective treatment of Candida  

In most cases, some of the topical antifungal ointments and creams could be enough to clear the infection. Most of the antifungal creams that most doctors recommend include  

  • Miconazole  
  • clotrimazole  
  • Imidazole 

These medicines are usually available as the over the counter medications. When the condition has some longer-term infections of the penis, this is a sign that you should use stronger strength medications. 

In the case of serious balanitis, Diflucan and, hydrocortisone could be the best medication to control the condition. 

However, in most cases, yeast infections will have the chance of recurring. Whenever this happens, the doctor will always recommend that you get more daily treatment for a number of the case where you are uncircumcised and the condition is recurring often, then you should consider undergoing circumcision. 

It does not matter the age, this could be the most effective treatment. More so, apart from using the medicated creams, maintaining good hygiene practices could be a solution too. 

Usually, the yeast infection will affect those people suffering from diabetes. So, when you have diabetes always consider visiting the health care facilities for check-ups. It will help reduce the blood sugar levels thus reduce the infection as well. 

How to treat male yeast infection at home 

Sometimes when one gets the yeast infection, you will always want to get rid of it as soon as possible. The best option is always to find out some home remedies. These remedies include; 

Apple cider vinegar 

Apple cider will always operate as an antifungal that will work against the candida species of yeast. Consider applying it on the area topically. At first, the smell of the vinegar could be bothering. But with time this smell fades off. 

Always test the apple cider on your skin. In case of a burning sensation, mix it with water before applying. 



Since yogurt is probiotic, always add it to your diets. It will promote positive bacteria growth, which will fight infections such as thrush and candida. Also, you can choose to smear the plain yogurt on the affected part. Remember to always buy yogurt with live bacteria. 

Tea tree oil  

Tea tree oil 

Tea tree oil poses numerous healing properties. Studies have it that the tea tree oil provides antiviral, antifungal, antiprotozoal and antibacterial properties. 

When you apply the oil on the penis head and around it, the antibacterial properties are the ones that will help in treating the yeast infections. 



It has antibacterial and antifungal uses. A study on the comparison between cream made of thyme and garlic and clotrimazole found out that garlic and thyme were much effective. It has very small side effects and provided healing just as the clotrimazole. Always add garlic to your diets. 


Yeast infection in men can be the most dreadful disease.  If not treated with an immediate effect, it could lead to more serious health issues. Just in case you experience the symptoms of a yeast infection or feel that your penis is not right, don’t shy.  

Always consult the services of a professional urologist to help diagnose the problem. 


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