Blog Universal Health Coverage For Everyone: WHO Declares In Joint Report.

Universal Health Coverage For Everyone: WHO Declares In Joint Report.

The 2023 Universal Health Coverage Global monitoring report was shared by the world health organization and world bank. The report revealed that there is a stagnancy in the progress towards the provision of quality, access and affordable health care. 

The 78th United Nations General Assembly exposed the stark reality based on the available evidence that more than half of the populace is not covered by an essential health service. In addition, more than 2 billion people are at the risk of financial hardship as they are paying out of pocket for the products and services they require. 

WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, shared that the covid-19 pandemic provided a reminder to the economies and societies of the importance of healthy people. Additionally, the Director-General emphasized on the risk to the society due to the lack of affordable, essential and quality health services for the majority of the people. 

Dr. Tedros also urged the communities to be supported by “stronger political will, aggressive investments in health and a decisive shift” for the transformation of health systems based on primary health care. 

The report highlighted the lack of improved health services by less than a third of the countries. This was from the past two decades where the countries had reduced catastrophic out-of-pocket health expenditure. In addition, the data present in these countries were off-track due to either financial protection, service coverage or both. 

The World Bank Vice President for Human Development, Mamta Murthi shared, “This report paints a dire picture, but also offers evidence on ways to prioritize health in government budgets and strengthen health systems for greater equity.” 

The other points highlighted by the joint statement shared that the financial hardship on people has been worsening and slowing the expansion of essential health services. Moreover, achieving UHC by 2030 will be possible through substantial public sector investment and government action. 

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